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Yes, we confirm: Mexico can be the trip of your life

We show that, look for the trip you are looking for, you will find everything in Mexico

See "10" photos "Destinations that become unforgettable experiences in Mexico"

Cenote Ik Kil, Yucatán © Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico

What do you look for when traveling? What catches your attention the most of a destination? An amazing architecture? A fascinating cultural offer? Wide variety of natural landscapes? Millenary history? A unique gastronomy in the world? Well, don't think about it anymore: Mexico He puts everything on a tray.

See 10 photos

Destinations that become unforgettable experiences in Mexico


Your first point of contact with Mexico will probably be your nerve center, capital of the country and of Mexican life: Mexico City. This metropolis, which has it all, It is the perfect introduction to the charms of the whole Republic.

Lively, delicious and fascinating, Mexico City is a gift for the senses. From the pre-Hispanic splendor of the Historic Center, to the canteens of the old school of the Roma neighborhood, through the more than 170 museums and the countless restaurants, Mexico City is a constant surprise. A single visit is not enough to cover it; before leaving you will already be planning the return.

Angel of Independence in Mexico City © Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico

If your trip coincides between the months of October and November, you will witness one of the most beautiful times in Mexico, one of the most authentic manifestations of the Mexican spirit: Day of the Death. This celebration, recognized by the UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, prepares the living to receive their ancestors, who according to tradition, return to visit in the first days of November.

The whole country is decorated with colorful confetti and flowers of cempasuchil, and the streets are soaked in the smell of traditional dead bread, delicacy offered in every bakery and coffee worth its salt.

Mexico City celebrates the day in style, with its Annual Day of the Dead Parade: monumental skulls, floats and catrinas (skeleton of women dressed in time, traditional image of these dates) flood the city, touring the Paseo de la Reforma from the Estela de Luz to the Zócalo.

In the neighboring State of Mexico, several towns and cities pay special attention to these days. The state capital, Toluca, is the headquarters of the Alfeñique Fair, which takes up the old custom of selling typical sweets like sugar skulls and nugget figures.

San Juan de Teotihuacán, near the Archaeological Zone of the same name, honor Catrina at a national summit, where on November 2 hundreds of people in disguise meet in a celebration of this representation of Mexican identity. The day is lived in a special way in the state of Michoacán, which turns into the celebration like no other place in Mexico.

Janitzio Island in Michoacán © Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico

Michoacán also has other charms that make it a perfect destination for any time of the year. The colonial beauty of its capital, Morelia, and the unreal vision of the janitzio island they are essential, as is the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, that It fills with butterflies every winter.

Following the northward journey, Mexico opens the doors to the charm of two World Heritage cities: Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende. Guanajuato, which shares its name with the state, is a hodgepodge of alleys and colorful houses, with a lot of personality and a unique character that makes it a must stop on any Mexican itinerary.

A few kilometers from Guanajuato is San Miguel de Allende, an artistic center in full expression, both visual and gustatory, and a winning city, for the second consecutive year, of the "Best city to visit ". There is no corner that is adorned with at least a shop of local crafts, such as wood carvings, jewelry, textiles, ceramics and leather goods.

The gastronomic scene of San Miguel is not far behind, with more than 350 stores (from markets to gourmet restaurants) focused on offering the best of Mexican cuisine. Traditional dishes, such as Atotonilco gorditas and mining enchiladas, coexist with reinventions of Mexican cuisine classics.

If in your Mexican route you lack something more of adventure and nature, that has an easy solution: head east from Guanajuato, and they will receive you with open arms the immense spaces of San Luis de Potosí.

This state, one of the best kept secrets in Mexico, is nestled in the middle of the Sierra Madre Oriental, and is an outdoor encyclopedia of natural beauty. The Crescent Lagoon, the caves of La Catedral, the Tamul waterfall, the Huasteca plateau, Xilitla... Impossible to choose only one.


On the other side of Mexico, a different world. Within the sensory adventure that is Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula is a unique experience, both visually and gastronomically.

Yucatan is a Mayan land par excellence, Y Cancun your gateway. From the same international airport you can access the beauties of the region, which jump from the past to the present and From the earth to the table.

The center of the Yucatecan life It is, how could it be less in Mexico, gastronomy. Of course, the great guests of Mexican cuisine are not lacking at the table, but Yucatan also proudly exposes its regional delicacies: panuchos, lime soup, jericayas, papadzules ... If the names are evocative, be prepared to try them: they are unforgettable.

Chichen Itza, Yucatan © Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico

The great jewel of the Yucatan crown is undoubtedly the Archaeological Site of Chichen Itza. Chichen Itza is a must on every Mexican itinerary, and in fact, every vital itinerary: seeing one of the new Wonders of the World is an experience that is not forgotten.

Tulum, a few kilometers south of Cancun, has its unique charm, with archaeological remains on the beach, a few meters from the Caribbean.

Near both Chichen Itza and Tulum is also the opportunity to visit another of the characteristic attractions of the peninsula: The cenotes

These underground lakes, dotted throughout Yucatan (including the Sacred Cenote, next to Chichen Itza) They are a vision of another world, with its luminous blue waters and dreamlike enclaves that demonstrate, once again, that Mexico offers nothing in halftime: Impress, or overwhelm.

Tulum, Quintana Roo © Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico

See 10 photos

Destinations that become unforgettable experiences in Mexico

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