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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Five restaurants with the best Murcian cuisine

The best of the Murcian garden and the product of the Community is served at these tables: where to reserve and what to ask for

Artichoke with foie © Salzillo Restaurante

They will pay

Venezuela (Campoamor, s / n; Lo Pagán San Pedro del Pinatar. Tel. 968 18 15 15)

Quality product and cooks that neither detracts nor spoils it. Its star is the Murcian cauldron in five steps: guts and fish livers with tomato, fried heads and gañiles, fish stock, rice and fish slices. Possibly the best in the province.


The Little Tavern (General Margallo, 11; Murcia. Tel. 968 21 98 40)

One of the most frequented tapas places in the capital. Special attention to the products of the garden, as 'grandma's artichokes', a classic from Murcian cuisine that is made with a sauce based on wine and meat broth. In the glass bet on the wines of the region.

Salzillo (Cánovas del Castillo, 28; Murcia. Tel. 968 22 01 94)

Family-run, owned by Antonio Belanda, Your letter bets on traditional stews, Vegetables from the garden (watch out for pickled natural artichokes!), meat, seafood and fish from the area.

The grilled Murcian chops or garlic cabbage are essential and fish dishes such as cherna, cut, grilled with vegetables.


The deaf (Alharbona, s / n; Ricote. Tel. 968 69 71 50)

Family home that is already in the third generation and that uses local product. Jesús Ortega stands out in the elaboration of Game dishes: pigeon, fallow deer, deer ... Great your small game gazpacho. In addition, baked kid and piglet. It has a remarkable cellar.


Cegarra House (Paseo de Colón, 17 (Ctra. To the Port); Portmán. Tel. 968 54 80 57)

Humble family restaurant serving one of the best cauldrons in Murcia, with a loose and tasty rice It is served in the paella. To accompany, Roman squid, lean with tomato, michirones or snails. Try your recognized Belmonte, drink served cold in porron.

* You can find the 2018 Gastronomic and Wine Guide in digital version for your devices, in Manzana, Zinio Y Google Play.

Venezuela restaurant dining room © Venezuela Restaurant

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