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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The port of Rotterdam opens a recycled floating park

Its 140 square meters are made of recycled plastic

Rotterdam launches recycled floating park © Recycled Island Foundation

Recycled Park It is new and special. It's new because it opened the past July 4 at the port of Rotterdam and it is special because the entire structure of this park has been prepared with plastics taken from the waters of the Meuse and subsequently recycled.

Keep in mind that its surface reaches the 140 square meters, so the garbage that drags this river to the sea is not a small matter.
This project, which includes Recycled Island Foundation and WHIM architecture in collaboration with the Rotterdam City Council and HEBO Martiemservice, has three objectives: prevent plastic from ending up in the North Sea, increase knowledge about plastic pollution among the population and show what can be done with recycled materials.

The objective? Prevent plastic from ending up in the sea © Recycled Island Foundation

“So far, we have received feedback positive. Most people are excited about waste removal and the new floating landscape, especially with how nature occupies the park, ”they explain to Traveler.es from the Recycled Island Foundation.
Total, 28 blocks create this new floating park, 28 blocks made with waste collected with traps located in strategic points of the river Meuse (Keilehaven, Maashaven and Rhijnspoorkade) and by volunteers who collect the accumulated out of the water.

“Recycled Park is a collaborative project with volunteers, a naval service company, engineers, recycling companies, environmentalists, students, universities, government institutions ... ”, they indicate.
Everything collected is then screened to clean the material and choose what a second life can have. Plastics are recycled to give them a new value, creating the hexagonal blocks that are assembled and deposited in the water. Its design is such that not only plants can grow on their surface, but in the submerged part there is also space for fish to leave their eggs.
The park, which is open to the public, has "a permit for ten years, but we hope it reaches a life expectancy of 50 ", he tells us from the Recycled Island Foundation, and then insists that "We must stop the arrival of plastic garbage to the sea".

Garbage collection and recycling process © Recycled Island Foundation

Video: Recycled Park first 140m2 open! (February 2020).

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