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Beaches, seafood and sun! The best of Ferrol is in its surroundings

Follow us on this route through the regions of Ferrolterra and Ortegal and discover ten wonders of the Galician coast

See "10" photos "These are the prettiest beaches near Ferrol"

Campelo, the beach of the imposing cliffs © Getty Images

While the rest of Spain insists on circulating the rumor that in Galicia it always rains, in the northwest corner of the country they hide beautiful wild beaches, lonely coves, the bank with the best views in the world and a paradise for foodies. And all, without having to share it with hordes of tourists.

See 10 photos

These are the most beautiful beaches near Ferrol

Follow us on this route by the regions of Ferrolterra and Ortegal and discover ten wonders of the Galician coast.


The beach: the locals will tell you that Doniños enjoys a microclimate. Reason is not lacking. To the north, the Outeiro area is the recollection (corner) favorite windy days, since It is completely protected.

The ample parking, surf schools and the fact that it is one of the best communicated beaches with the city in a matter of public transport (forget, rent a car or die) make sometimes This corner of the beach is a bit crowded.

Doniños, the own microclimate beach © Getty Images

Take advantage of going in the morning, when many bathers have not yet ventured, and take a walk along the shore to the other side, Punta Penencia.

You will see that many caravans, especially guiris, are installed directly in the parking lot for weeks. The plan is not bad: watch sunrise on the beach, go jogging in the pine grove of Doniños, take a while in the water if you travel with your board and have a tortilla skewer at the Pichu bar. The problem is that it is not a caravan-enabled area, and the discomfort among locals because of this situation is, rightly, growing.

The beach bar: although his official name is Or Alpendre, everyone knows him as the Pichu bar (the name of his manager). Perfect to have a beer when you leave the beach and, above all, to watch the sunset.

A little above the beach, next to the road, is Cholas House, with wonderful views of the beach and a more complete menu.

Activities: In the area you will find several Surf schools where you can rent equipment or hire classes. For the runners, in the pine forest of Doniños you will see locals and vacationers of all ages training in the shade of the trees.

San Xurxo, kilometers of fine white sand © Getty Images


The beach: kilometers of fine white sand and, generally, little crowded. The only disadvantage is that it is a bit windy, but The landscape does not disappoint.

It is one of the longest beaches in the region, connecting directly with the beach of Esmelle and, when the tide is low, with the Frigate and the Vilar.

The beach bar: Claudina House It is more a restaurant than the typical beach bar. In summer it is sometimes difficult to find a table, so It is advisable to book. The restaurant, although simple, is Famous for its quality and fresh fish. All this, in addition, at a good price.

Activities: Due to its proximity to Doniños, many of the surf schools in Outeiro also teach in San Xurxo according to the state of the waves and the level of the students.


The beach: Following the road from San Jorge, you will reach Esmelle. You must leave the car on the road and make the last section walking on a wooden walkway.

You can also reach Esmelle walking from San Jorge. If the beach makes you hungry, take something to eat in your backpack, because here There is no beach bar or anything like it.

The Frigate, among the families' favorites © Getty Images

Activities: Like St. George, Esmelle is also somewhat windy, especially in the center of the beach. That makes her one of the favorite beaches for those who practice sailing or kitesurfing.

If yours is the bike, in the region in general there are hundreds of routes to explore. He Esmelle Valley MTB Center, for example, rent bicycles and organize guided tours in the area.


The beach: 30 years ago the Frigate did not have easy access, so it was the favorite of young people at the time. Now, however, it is among Family favorites. Sheltered from the wind, when the tide falls Puddles are made where little ones can bathe without fear To be wallowed by a wave.

The beach bar: Like many other beaches in the area, the Frigate has no beach bar, but It has direct access to the campsite of As Cabazas, where there is a cafeteria.

However, the most common among locals is to take the car and Go up to one of the bars in Cobas. And this applies to all the beaches in the area.

Among the favorites to eat are the Beceiro Restaurant or La Muralla. To have a drink when leaving the beach in the afternoon, the terrace of O Carteiro. On Sundays, in addition, Cobas is organized the Pincho Route, in which each local in the area offers a different cover, which varies each month.

Ponzos: half nudist, half third age © Turismo Galicia


The beach: with its dunes and its crystal clear water, It is a treasure of spectacular beauty. But without any doubt, the most significant of this beach is the hermitage, located on an isolated islet that some brave people access climbing with the help of a rope. Although after the passing of winter you never know what the sea will leave standing.

Because of its orientation, Santa Comba is more advisable to go in the morning. If you are lucky and there is low tide, you can access the small beach that separates the beach from the islet where the hermitage is located.


The beach: Ponzos is very particular. While the most easily accessible part from the parking lot is quite popular among older people, from the middle of the beach to the bottom is a nudist beach. Like all the beaches on this coast, It's wild and beautiful although not very popular for being quite windy.

There is a secondary access that will give directly to the nudist area, although the road is not in very good condition.

They are also near the parking lot the ruins of an old mineral laundry, practically missing in the brush. Known as Mina Marieta, historians say that the mine was not working from Roman times until, at the end of the 19th century, an Englishman resumed his activity.

Activities: in Ponzos it is usual to see people doing paragliding He Ferrol Paragliding Club It offers courses to learn to fly, and Ponzos is one of the areas that most frequent. The views of this coast are even better from the heights.

From Ponzos you can also engage with the Ártabra Route (Start in Santa Comba) and walk to our next beach, Campelo. The route is marked at all times, but you can also guide yourself with a app of routes like Wikiloc.


The beach: we change township and reach Valdoviño. Campelo beach is a fairly protected enclave, fenced with impressive cliffs and large stones. It is especially known among surfers, who come at low tide.


The beach: one of the most popular of the coast, since it has several services, including restaurants and cafes a few meters from the beach.

To Frouxeira, which is the official name of this beach, it is a beach of three kilometers long that combines a semi-urban area, where are all the services, with other much more natural areas, including the lagoon of the same name. ANDThe wetland is one of the natural jewels of Valdoviño.

To Frouxeira, three kilometers of beach © Turismo Galicia

The beach bar: It's hard to keep one. A Saíña is one of the favorites to enjoy the good product of the Galician sea in front of the beach. Another of the mythical is the restaurant The Gypsy, with abundant portions, and the restaurant Valdoviño campsite.

Activities: in Valdoviño there are several surf schools, such as Valdo Surf School or Road, the latter focused on international clients and with camps also in Andalusia and Morocco.


The beach: Here one of the tests of the surfing world championship is held, which makes it one of the best known beaches in Galicia among international surfers.

But nevertheless, The sand is usually not very crowded. If you still want more peace of mind, you can 'climb' up to what is known as Porto Carrizo, an easy-to-reach beach when the tide drops, but that requires walking between the rocks (without much difficulty) when the tide is high.

The beach bar: he Aqualón Bar It is the only one serving this beach. A small bar where you can enjoy a soda, salads and snacks.

Activities: What are you going to do on one of the best beaches in the world to surf? Well, that. Dragged by the popularity of the championship, in recent years the number of surf schools has grown They offer classes in Pantín. Other schools in the area also approach this beach depending on the sea conditions.

Pantín, the surfers © Turismo Galicia


The beach: Wonderful in every way. Sheltered, with fine white sand and ideal for swimming. The place, unmatched.

The beach bar: Vilarrube is a completely wild beach and, how could it be otherwise, It has no beach bar or anything like it.

If you get to Vilarrube (and believe me, you have to go), be sure to visit O Puntal, a tavern with a twist enxebre(authentic and traditional). Unlike many other sites in the area, the O Puntal letter is not starred by the product of the sea (which it also has), but by his tortilla, a real hit. In summer it is full to eat, especially on weekends.

About ten minutes from Vilarrube is the town of Cedeira, and its already famous Kilowatt, where it is usual to order a plate of marraxo.

Activities: By now you may be looking forward to trying some activity other than surfing. Another reason to come to Vilarrube is that recently has opened a school of paddle surf. Alone it's a surf school and paddle surf which aims to discover, from another point of view, this wonderful corner of the world to those who visit it.

I could continue writing about the wonderful beaches (many remained in the inkwell), the places, activities and good food, but In this corner of the world we sometimes wonder if it is not better to remain a secret. And it crashes, it shocks.

Vilarrube, wonderful in every way © Turismo Galicia

See 10 photos

These are the most beautiful beaches near Ferrol

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