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Belfast will be filled with giant stained glass windows from Game of Thrones during the eighth season

Winter has arrived in Northern Ireland.

Belfast will be filled with stained glass windows of Game of Thrones © Turismo de Ireland

Everything comes. Even winter Or rather, especially winter. We had been waiting for the premiere of the eighth season of Game of Thrones for a long time.

And the wait has given for a lot: hemo provided by the Seven Kingdoms in this bar inspired by the HBO series, we have visited this Finland ice hotel and slept under the eyes of sinister White Walkers, we have gone on a gastronomic route throughout Poniente, we have traveled the Spanish stages where It was filmed and we know which house we belong to.

The last initiative that celebrates the return of Game of Thrones comes to us from Belfast, Northern Ireland, in whose giant windows will be installed during the eighth season.

We had never looked forward to winter so much © Tourism in Ireland

In total, there will be six large stained glass windows themes of the different houses and families of the series. The campaign, baptized as 'Glass of Thrones', based on the online search data of the fans themselves.

Each window will be dedicated to one of the main houses and will contain some of the most emblematic scenes of the saga.

The first of the windows, overlooking the City Hall, is dedicated to the Stark House, whose place of origin, Winterfell, is located precisely in the Ward Castle, in the county of Down (Northern Ireland).

Also you can see a digital version of the stained glass on the Irish Tourism website, where fans of the series can explore the different scenes, upload a photo and create their own digital selfie and share it on social networks.

Valar Morghulis © Tourism of Ireland

As the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, the other five windows will appear Giants scattered around Belfast.

The most epic battles, the secrets of Daenerys dragons, the sinister white walkers or the unforgettable and creepy scene of the Red Wedding - which none of us managed to erase from our memory -, among many other moments, will appear in the corners of the city.

Do we travel to Belfast?

Everyone to Belfast! © Ireland Tourism

Video: 'White Walkers' Glass of Thrones Windows Belfast (February 2020).

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