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So are Hollywood locations in real life

Photographer Steven Peterson travels through the US photographing the scenes of your favorite movies and series

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The location of one of the 'Infiltrated' scenes, with Bryan Cranston © Steven Peterson

The portal that the protagonist of 500 days together. The building in which Nicolas Cage says by phone in The rock: "I have it. Palace of Fine Arts. " The cafeteria of Fried Green Tomatoes. All those places and many more are the ones Steve Peterson has photographed for his Instagram account Hollywood IRL, Or what is the same: Hollywood in real life.

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Film landscapes

“I have loved cinema all my life, and I got into photography in 2004,” Peterson tells Traveler.es. “What started this hobby it was a trip to Hawaii in 2014 for a convention of LOST. The entire series was recorded in Oahu, and since LOST It's my favorite thing in the world, I thought it would be fun to visit all the places where they shot. I had a great time doing it, and after sharing my images in some groups on-line and see that people liked it a lot, I have continued to photograph as many places as I can whenever I go on a trip. ”

Thanks to this hobby, there are almost 20,000 people who follow their adventures from South Florida, where he lives, throughout the United States looking for the corner where they were recorded decisive moments, or not so much, of series and films known to all. "The typical process is that we select a location and then make a list of the films filmed there," explains the American referring to the trips he makes with his wife. Thus, normally, they choose to travel a place they want to visit regardless of the titles that have been recorded on it; film research comes later.

“We see the movies again, and anything that catches our eye for being a fun place or an interesting angle or, simply, an important place, is added to a list. Even I write the second one in which it appears on the tape So that the moment is easier to find when I get screenshots. Then, when I already have a list of scenarios to visit, I see if I can find the addresses in Google Maps, to verify how they look now. Some places have changed a lot or no longer exist, and it makes no sense to go see them, but most are still the same. ”

In Hawaii, for example, it was especially easy to find locations, because they did not change too many things when recording LOST. "I felt like I was in the series", remember, what made that your favorite trip. He also had a particularly good time in Chicago: “I've been a fan of Batman since I was two years old, so go around Gotham (most of The dark knight it was filmed in Chicago) it was a dream come true. ”

Next year would love to go to Canada to see the locations of ITEM, Stephen King, which was filmed in Toronto, and then go to Vancouver, considered "the Hollywood of Canada”For being a place where hundreds of movies have been filmed. “We would also love to visit England (Zombies party, James Bond, Snatch, what a night that day!). I just started to see Game of Thrones and they film all over the world, so it would be amazing to take a trip around the planet to see those places, but we have limited time and money, ”Peterson acknowledges. However, that does not prevent him from dreaming: “Our absolute dream trip is New Zealand, to see all the locations of The Lord of the rings”.

See 12 photos

Film landscapes

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