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Cinc Sentits: the new chef star Jordi Artal

In the world there are restaurants and restaurants and then there is Cinc Sentits

Get carried away © Facebook Cinc Sentits

We don't say it because it was Nominated for 'Revelation Restaurant' only seven months after its inauguration, nor for obtaining four years later a Star in the Michelin Guide of 2009 in his first restaurant, nor to receive a Sun in the Repsol Guide

But we warn you that, before booking at the new restaurant Zinc Sentits, you better be prepared for a gastonomic experience that will leave you literally speechless.

Although it seems a lie, especially after having lived the experience of dining in his restaurant; in Traveler.es we still have a hard time believing that Jordi Artal wear today 15 years as a chef and before opening his own he would never have set foot in the kitchen of a restaurant in his life. How do you read it?

The traditional Verdiell olive versus the most daring version of Cinc Sentits of the Arbequina olive © Facebook Cinc Sentits

And it seems that his passion for cooking is born amidst the bustle of dishes and pots, where he begins to be attracted to it watching her grandmother and mother cook traditional dishes for the family.

Over time Artal begins to form self-taught by experimenting with new avant-garde cooking techniques in his spare time; Y After ten years of career as Marketing Director in a technology company in Silicon Valley (California), - fortunately for all of us - One day he said enough and left everything to return to Barcelona and set up the Cinc Sentits restaurant with his sister Amelia Artal.

After 14 years since its first opening on Aribau Street, the iconic Cinc Sentits restaurant has recently moved with an investment of almost 2 million euros, to the center of Barcelona's Eixample (carrer d'Entença, 60), in what the chef and restaurant owner claims to be "a dream come true".


Always starting from the best raw material as the protagonist, the renowned chef once again demonstrates his talent, technique and imagination in a new and modern space that reflects An avant-garde update of authentic Catalan cuisine where kitchen, cellar and living room are integrated into a harmonious whole to cultivate - as the name implies - your five senses before you even start eating.

Prepare your five senses: you will need them © Cinc Sentits

In addition, for this new challenge the chef has wanted that the new location be part of the gastronomic experience from the restaurant

That is why the space, which occupies more than 400 square meters and has been devised by Zoo Studio and Destila Arquitectura, It offers three different rooms with capacity for 40 people, which follow the chef's career from the field to the city of Barcelona, ​​to reflect the culinary tale of Cinc Sentits. Do we start


Upon entering You will receive an elegantly uniformed waiter in a small square and completely hermetic reception painted gray. Once there they will ask you if you want to leave your coat and, if you are ready, they will invite you to enter the next room.

Next, what your eyes will see is A reproduction of the chef's childhood and his years growing among nature: “The first space is inspired by the family's fields with wooden cylinders and stone cladding, which embody the arid lands, the vineyard and the olive trees,” explains Gerard Calm, co-founder and designer of Zoo Studio.

After offering you a snack consisting of three different dishes and a vermouth made exclusively for the restaurant, You will be invited to the third room, the private dining room, decorated with exquisite taste.

Magic in every bite © Cinc Sentits

With capacity for 24 people this dining room is inspired by the typical facades of the chef's hometown (La Torre De l'Espanyol, Tarragona), and is the ideal place for food lovers to experience a semi showcooking (live cooking) in the first person both during special celebrations and to celebrate private events.

This second private space It is inspired by the city, in the famous Eixample flats with its 'volta catalana' ceilings, clear coverings, and an interior patio / fireplace in the center of the space, that apart from providing a feeling of being at home, transports the client to Barcelona in the blink of an eye.

And for those who want to live the culinary experience even more live, Cinc Sentits has incorporated a booth they call 'The Chef's Table', designed for eight people with the best direct views of the kitchen.

Finally, once sitting at the table and before they bring you the first of the entrees that you are going to taste, you will realize, or rather feel, that what you are going to witness is A real show where the waiters are the actors and each table is a private stage.

Also throughout the lunch or dinner you will see a wonderful dance of dishes entering and leaving the kitchen, accompanied by a smile on the face of each and every one of the waiters that there work and authentic works of art on the table that will be carefully explaining and placing in front of you.

One of the rooms of Cinc Sentits © Cinc Sentits


I don't miss you if you feel want to touch everything -it has happened to all of us-. You will be surprised at the texture of the wonderful linen tablecloth; the wall emulating the touch of paper; the fineness of the glasses to take them - of course all of them different depending on the drink you choose; the beautiful handmade ceramic plates in those who serve you food and change with each tasting; the mini cards that are left one by one on the table and in front of each diner to explain what each dish consists of and how they have prepared it; and the napkin - also made of linen - that you change if you need it and fold it carefully with cutlery.

And without forgetting the wonderful copper-colored kitchen, the one-piece marble table in the room of the reserved and the relief of the logo, or logos -because they have five different-, which you will see selected and distributed throughout the restaurant. Here everything is thought.


It may be the first time you enter a restaurant and it doesn't smell like anything. But luckily it does not smell like an air freshener, or a characteristic smell "Five senses", not even clean.

Which means that when your food approaches or that of the next table, you can 100% enjoy its aromas, as well as the exotic scents of the wines When you try to guess what they smell, of course if you ask for it or if you choose to make the pairing that we already recommend.

Chestnut mushroom, Jordi Artal's favorite mushroom © Cinc Sentits

Also note that here the wines offered are wines of another level, incomparable with any conventional table wine, since the sommeliers who have selected them (and of which we will speak next), they explained to us that they can get to taste up to 15 wines until choosing the perfect pairing for each dish. There is nothing.


We keep talking about wine. At the outset it is important to know how much Eric Vicente, maître and sommelier french like Sandra Luna, second sommelier Catalan, they are part of the experience and what an experience!

And as we told you that while dining the different waiters and waitresses will be explaining plate to plate and with great detail lunch or dinner; The same goes for wines. If you decide to raise the food by doing the wine pairing, both Eric and Sandra they will explain the wine or wines you are going to taste, all of them national wines, little known and exceptional; which have selected one by one and gone to look for each and every one of their wineries.

In addition to record this, Cinc Sentits has prepared an elaborate wine menu where in addition to explaining the history, preparation and qualities of each of them, they come accompanied by some photos of Jordi, Eric and Sandra and their visits to the wineries.

Also stand out the space thought by Jordi between table and table, which allows you not only not to hear the conversations outside the other tables, but to have enough privacy to comfortably live your own experience and enjoy a private stage watching the other guests enjoy.

Artal applies the concept Kaizen: where kai means "change", and Zen expresses "for something better", and thus means "continuous improvement" © Cinc Sentits


get ready for an experience like no other and, fortunately repeatable if you wish, that will last quietly about two or almost three hours, although when it finishes it will seem to you that it has flown by.

From the first bite you take in the second room with the appetizers you will be able to appreciate, whether you know food or not, Jordi's passion in his work and everything he does.

After the snacks, three starters, four main courses, one main dessert and two more desserts It is what awaits you, and between plates they will serve you a wonderful rustic bread Handmade at home, freshly baked and accompanied by two types of oil (Arbequina + Picual) to prepare the palate and you can taste better the dishes that come next.

In addition, as the chef himself explained: "The oil is ideal to prepare for important dishes."

In Cinc Sentits they look for dishes not only that are good, but that are out of series and all of them are designed and prepared under the japanese concept Kaizen, where kai means 'change', and Zen it expresses 'for something better', and thus means 'continuous improvements'.

The new Jordi Artal will leave you speechless © Cinc Sentits

It is also important to know that The restaurant menu changes two or three times a year, So if you visit the restaurant several times, you will see that its offer is always new, surprising and different, always depending on the ingredients and always gradually.

If you decide to try Cinc Sentits, it is worth knowing that they offer Two tasting menu options: the length (11 passes for 119 euros + national wine pairing for 69 euros more) and a slightly shorter one (8 passes for 99 euros + national wine pairing for 59 euros).

When in Traveler.es we had the opportunity to try it and to give you an idea of ​​the level, we were surprised with:


Faifó olive with rosemary + Grilled arengada with tomato sauce, crunchy garlic and parsley powder + Beetroot, sanfaina and pickled cabbage + Our Vermouth Pla de Bages.

Baked apple © Facebook Cinc Sentits


Pularda with chanterelles, mashed potatoes, crispy chicken skin and saw ranci + Hedgehog with grilled avocado, radish infused with lime and chilli pepper and garum + Grilled oyster with its emulsified water and lemon peel puree.

Wines: Levante, D.O. Manzanilla de Sanlúcar and A Poniente, D.O. Chamomile of Sanlucar.


Fake black garlic stones, squid essence with onions and chopped + Trout with Padrón pepper, onion and tomato confit, fennel and phycoid + Scallop with sweet potato puree and stepped onion sauce + Chestnut mushroom with candied yolk, mushroom, crumbs Thyme and pickled onion.

Wines: Murviedro Cepas Viejas 2017, D.O. Valencia; Rita 2017, D.O. Montsant; Nobre 2016, D.O. Ribeiro; and Picapoll Reserva Especial 2014, D.O. Pla de Bages.


Iced wine with tangerine and saffron sorbet, candied orange, rose jelly and orange blossom cream with red fruits with beet ice cream, rhubarb, effervescent lime and strawberry foam.

Last temptations

Maple syrup with yolk mounted with cava and salt flower and cocoa sorbet with apple, muscovado sugar and raisins.

Finally, and if you had not had enough, just before leaving the restaurant Jordi will ask you how was the experience and he will give you a nice bag with a printed copy of the menu that you have tasted for the memory and snack of the next day, in the form of a perfume sample with the smell and taste of cola-cao and Maria cookie.

In summary, a true luxury for the senses ... five specifically.

Desserts from another world © Facebook Cinc Sentits

In data


Carrer d'Entença, 60, 08015 Barcelona


Open from Tuesday to Saturday. Sundays and Mondays closed.

Lunch from 1:30 p.m. and dinner from 8:30 p.m.

Half price

933 23 94 90

Video: Jordi Artal at Cinc Sentits, Barcelona (February 2020).

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