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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Three were three: colorful and appetizing restaurants at the same time! in Madrid

Because we are tired of going ugly garitos to eat well and that in the coolest spaces the kitchen is an excuse, we propose three places in Madrid that are worth knowing.

Three different styles, three different gastronomic proposals. Very colorful places where you eat well ... Even very well.
At last it seems that a good chef is putting this Madrid restaurant designed by Philippe Starck, so far gastronomically cursed. Will Camarena and her team be able to transform it into something more than a place for drinks and posturing?
To take the pulse of the kitchen, avoid the nights of weekends when the atmosphere is disco. The variety of spaces confuses a bit: champange bar, terrace, club, two restaurants ...

Haima Room in Ramses © Ramses

Let's put order. If you are looking for something informal and the music is supported and the screaming should stay in Petit and order oysters, chicken croquettes, cod fritters, anchovies, salad or the house burger. The same offer low cost on the terrace, in case you want to smoke or need fresh air. To enjoy a good meal overlooking the Puerta de Alcalá, book at Bistro (better a half day during the week).
Choose between the menu you propose José Marín -The man from Camarena in Madrid- or the suggestive letter is not easy. Seasonal vegetable stew, penjar tomatoes stuffed with pesto and anchovies (great), teas peas with trotters and truffles, tuna flashes with turnips ... I want everything, I am incorrigible! Dishes with wingspan and depth. A recital For dessert, coffee with nuts: not to stop! The work of Minerva Tapiel in the room he deserves a 10. Hopefully he finds a team capable of keeping up with him ... he still has a lot of milli left now.
Independence Square 4. From € 25 to € 65. It does not close.

Room designed by David Lynch in Ramses © Ramses

The name of the restaurant is already a declaration of principles. It is in the busiest alley -and posh- of the Salamanca district, where the mythical was The Amparo, champion of modernity in the eighties. Its promoters want to uncheck the rest and proclaim their nonconformity, your willingness to NOT look like anyone, Will they get it?

Attic dining room of the restaurant NO © NO

Your 100% letter comfort food, the firm Xabier Márquez. Repeat typical and topical specialties: ham croquettes, Russian salad, hamburger, fried eggs with potatoes and ham, Roman hake ... Dishes not to fail that come out airy; especially hake, juicy and very well fried. The cosmopolitan touch they put some pieces of sushi, like the temaki of eel with avocado; the fashionista note, a list of gintonics made with premium gins and all kinds of dressings - this causes me a certain boredom.
I like the decoration, the terrace and the food. I enjoy the public: Nati Abascal with her friends or Cayetano Rivera with her girlfriend. The service needs an urgent improvement and the soundproofing of the premises also: I can't stand screaming between bites.
Alley of Puigcerdá 8. From € 30 to € 55. Closed Sunday night and Monday.

In the Salamanca district, NO © NO

To the green of NO © NO

It is the only place where you can perform a vertical tasting of Iberian ham: try pieces of the same brand "Joselito" of different years and therefore with different maturation time (4, 6 and 7 years). A stimulating experience that you learn and enjoy. Along with the ham, perfectly cut, a tasting card is shown. In addition, the cutters behind the bar respond smiling to the third grade to which we are subjected to curious customers. Thank you!

Álbora Restaurant © Álbora

Two floors, two rooms, two offers. Down the Pub, to eat tapas without leaving the budget (croquettes, salad, casseroles). Up on restaurant, more elegant and formal, ideal to go with parents or in-laws, their dishes of traditional bourgeois cuisine will delight you.
José María Marrón -sumiller- and Jorge Dávila -mi maitre Favourite- they take care that everything goes smoothly, even when unforeseen events arise, such as heating spoiling the day it snows over Madrid. When I return, I think about repeating the egg at low temperature with flat potatoes and chickpea broth or cod cocochas with tomato pil-pil, but every time they propose something new to me and get it right! What I don't change for nothing is the caramelized French toast with ice cream, especially now that Holy Week is coming and you have to do penance.
Jorge Juan 33. Closed on Sunday nights From € 25 to € 60.
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The Albora bar, the economic option © Álbora

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