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In Sabbath In Jerusalem In a hotel.

Lifts that stop on all floors, lamps that light on their own, food heated one day in advance. This is what we found in a Jerusalem hotel during the Sabbath.

To visit Jerusalem on Sabbath It is something that every traveler should do. Once written similar boutade, I proceed to explain it.
Visiting Jerusalem on Sabbath is like watching the Marathon in New York, Holy Week in Seville, or Paris during Fashion Week. They are times when the city is more her than ever. I have not explained anything, but I have added another beautiful boutade.
Jerusalem is one of the most amazing cities in the world. And this is literal. Seeing the Western Wall on a Friday night seems like a hallucination for the traveler amateur. The city, center of three religions: Jewish, Christian and Muslim, It is loaded with density and emotion at all times, but on the Jewish day of rest, Jerusalem is much Jerusalem.
The Sabbath is the time of the week that goes just before Friday sunset until after Saturday sunset, in theory when three stars appear. In total it lasts about 25 hours. In the Jewish religion it is the great moment of worship and weekly feast. It is when Jerusalem is most interesting. For those who observe the Sabbath because it is their great moment, for those who do not, because of how much the city changes in substance and form.

Life, during the Sabbath, is done in hotels, not in the streets © Mamilla Hotel

The Sabbath has two principles: honor through rituals and pleasurable acts and refrain from performing prohibited activities. And here most hotels enter. I was in Jerusalem a Sabbath and still, from time to time, I rejoice in the memory.
During the Sabbath there is an elevator for practitioners. It stops on all floors because pressing the button violates one of the Sabbath precepts. Of course, it was the elevator that I took, wrong. In a 19-storey hotel. It took me twenty minutes to get to my room.
Pleasure is important in the Sabbath. For example, he eats a lot and he enjoys doing it inside and outside the house. Everything that is eaten on Friday has been heated before the Sabbath, because it cannot be turned off or lit with fire or switches. It's easy to see how a hotel's breakfast changes from Tuesday to Friday. For example, there are no toasts or eggs already cooked. If they exist, they have been boiled in a special stove from before the Sabbath. Saturday eats cold almost by habit. Many hotels take care of having the menus supervised by the Jerusalem rabbinate to prove that they are kosher 100%.

The Sabbath menu consists of vegetables, fish and meat © Mamilla Hotel

Be careful if someone comes to dinner outside on Friday: Not everything is open. In fact, sure that the chosen site is closed. It is better to have dinner at the hotell and catch the energy of that day. The Mamilla, the city's most famous boutique hotel, offers a Special cold menu that day on your terrace. It is made up of vegetables, fish and meat that sounds delicious, like all the food in Israel. Lunch-brunch Saturday King david, another of the big hotels in the city is famous for lively. Almost all hotels in Jerusalem observe the Sabbath. There are few exceptions Among the luxury ones, the most relevant is the American Colony This is a mythical hotel between politicians and journalists and in it, on Fridays, everyone can turn lights on and off and skip floors in the elevator.
To profane eyes, like mine, during that day the hotels seem more alive and the deadliest city. It is common for families to book rooms in hotels and sleep there on Friday night. It is the time of the week with the highest occupancy. You can't drive, so, in the serious Jerusalem, there are hardly any cars down the street. Good time to walk through the middle of the street.
Candles are important. Hotels offer the possibility for each client to turn on their own. The lighting also changes in the common areas and that is beautiful. The rooms have a curious lighting system. If anyone wants to resort to business center to print the boarding pass: maybe the computers are turned off. The room keys are, in many hotels, manuals and revolving doors that day do not work.
The Sabbath also approves and applauds the sex between those two sunsets. And what better place than a hotel to practice it. Sabbath Shalom!

The brunch of the King David Hotel is famous for its liveliness © Hotel King David

Sabbath Shalom! © Hotel American Colony

Video: Jerusalem day of rest Sabbath, Saturday - Everything is closed and no traffic almost (February 2020).

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