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Editor'S Choice - 2020

I love New York, I love Helena

Top among the tops, unstoppable globetrotter and perfect example of multiculturalism for its Danish and Peruvian roots: this is Helena Christensen.

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Helena Christensen in front of the Manhattan Bridge © Elizaveta Porodina

Spring betrayed us. A snowstorm got in the way of the journey that would lead us to meet her In New York. The nightmare of the traveler: canceled flights, airplanes with overbooking, hotels without availability ... We armed ourselves with patience and were forced by the destination to make a stopover of 24 hours in London to go ahead until Philadelphia and ride a train that would take us to the Big Apple, leaving us only eight hours to prepare before his presence.

See 39 photos

Big Apple Guide

And then ... she arrived. And with her, the sun, the good weather and the true promises of spring, those that melt ice, scare off rain and slowly begin to undress cabinets and smiles before the imminent arrival of the longer days

She, Helena Christensen, enters one of the suites of the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Hotel (the trendy hotel), and stops wondering before the views. To our left, the Statue of Liberty; on the right, the Brooklyn bridge.

A 90 degree tour of the skyline Most envied of the city. His city. “I've been here for 18 years. I lived in Denmark until I turned 20, and when I started working I moved to Paris. It really is the city that never sleeps, always so vibrant and electric, willing to welcome everyone who comes from outside and who wants to make it their own. It is up to you to enter and let yourself be absorbed by your energy or see it calmly from a distance, ”he says.

She lets herself be absorbed from her house West Village, home you share with your child Mingus Lucien Reedus, the result of his relationship with the actor Norman Reedus, better known as Daryl Dixon in the series The Walking Dead When he decides to observe everything from the background, he moves to his home in The Catskills, on the outskirts of New York.

“The crudeness of nature It is only a few kilometers away from the asphalt, and it is just the balance I need. It is my bubble. It is the place where I join with nature swimming in its rivers, letting myself lose through its forests… ”, he fondly defines his second home.

Helena Christensen running through the streets of the Chelsea neighborhood © Elizaveta Porodina

"What's in a name? What we call pink would have the same fragrance with any other name, ”he said Juliet to Romeo To tear down the boundaries and reap love between Capuletos and Montescos.

In the idyll between fashion and catwalk, One name is everything and it was with them that the “new” era of the top models began. Now we have Jenners, Hadids, Gerbers, but nothing would have been possible without the original tops, which took models out of anonymity and found that they were more than just a pretty face. Schiffer, Bruni, Evangelist, Campbell, Turlington, Crawford, Macpherson, Christensen ... goddesses of the catwalk who made history and opened the doors of success without paradigms to become bone muses of Signatures and designers.

But where does it go from there? How do you keep a name at the top and an image that lasts without time dare to leave it in oblivion? For Helena, it is achieved by living on her own terms, Not the fashion ones. Although it is those canons that still try to define it, stalking it with every year it turns.

The Empire Dinner restaurant, one of their favorites © Elizaveta Porodina

Today, they are fifty springs those who accompany her and continue to stay away from those sententious eyes that resist seeing a woman of her caliber grow old and compare her to the old Helena ... when No past tense is better.

Beauty still reigns in her, her body is still slender and your ideas are on more firmly, giving you the necessary independence to pursue the dreams that coexist with your career: photography and Stærk & Christensen, a firm that he founded with his best friend, the stylist Stærk stretcher

“We met 18 years ago, when I co-founded Nylon magazine and I had to take pictures for one of our reports. Since then we are inseparable. We just launched our shoe collection and glasses and soon the jewels, furniture, lamps and carpets will arrive. But we are going little by little, ”says Camilla.

In collaboration with the Australian brand Paired, responsible for executing their designs, the glasses (around the 260$) They are a mix of vintage structures, subtly oversize, modern and with a silhouette very organic

“We are inspired by birds during the flight, in their freedom and autonomy Especially in the swallow -one of the national birds of Denmark-, whose silhouette is glimpsed with golden touches, ”says Helena excited to detail how the Ideas for each creation.

That same collaboration with Paired It gave him a sporadic stay in Sydney to promote the brand that left his mark. As much as to prepare your return as soon as possible.

"I am planning to return and do nothing but surf," he says. Are you good surfing ?, we ask. “In my mind I have always been wonderful,” he replies with a laugh while eating his breakfast in the hotel room: Provenance ginger and blackberry granola with roasted almonds, oatmeal, açai and yogurt from White Mustache.

"I have one obsession with the sea. If I am nervous or unable to sleep I close my eyes and transport myself to the water. For me, being part of waves It is an accomplishment. ”

Bench overlooking the Hudson Pier, where Helena usually goes with her dog Kuma to run © Elizaveta Porodina

Modeling, entrepreneurship ... and we have one thing left to cover to close the circle that makes up the current life of our hostess: photography, his passion long before being a model. “It always fascinated me PhotojournalismOne of the trips that have marked me the most was the one I made last year with UNRWA (the UN Agency for refugees) to Ukraine.

"It was absolutely sobering to be able to talk to the elders who were rescued and still living in the most affected areas. It was the work that has brought me the most emotion and with which I have been the most committed. I learned so much traveling with experts, the same ones that helped me capture the most intimate stories of those who were willing to talk to us, which was a gift and a privilege to be able to photograph it. ” There you have it circle completed

THE Secret Garden next to the church of St. Luke © Elizaveta Porodina

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See 39 photos

Big Apple Guide

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