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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Restaurants in Madrid with a plus: surprise is guaranteed

Chinese cuisine raises points in Madrid thanks to the thriving Usera neighborhood and locals such as Kung Fu, Casa Lafu and Royal Cantonese

Madrid restaurants with a plus © Amazónico

La Candela Restò (Amnesty, 10; tel. 971 73 98 88)

If you like to experiment and be surprised with visual games, book. Trip, trip and more trip (also in time) in one of the great Madrid tables.
Amazonian (Jorge Juan, 20; tel. 915 15 43 32)

Sandro Silva He has achieved the “most difficult yet with this“ jungle ”on the Golden Mile. Tropicalism, open kitchen and ambience. Cocktails and live jazz.

Travel, travel and more travel on your plates © La Candela Restò

Nubel (Argumosa, 43 Reina Sofía Museum; tel. 915 30 17 61)

In charge of Javier Muñoz Calero and with an award-winning interior design. From breakfast to drinks, portions, tapas, vermouth, daily brunchs ...

Corral de La Morería (Morería, 17; tel. 913 65 11 37)

This mythical flamenco tablao bets, now, for traditional (high) cuisine. The responsible is David García (former Álbora). Only a handful of tables.

NuBel (terrace of the Reina Sofía Museum) © NuBel. Text: Traveler Writing

Peyote San (Genoa, 28; tel. 910 88 22 12)

The most ambitious of the Larrumba group premises, unstoppable in Madrid, now with his arrogance La Sabina, in La Moraleja. The rhythm is Japanese-Mexican, fresh and with great cocktails.
Bibo (Pº Castellana, 52; tel. 91 805 25 56)

Dani Garcia lands in the capital to further animate the Madrid landscape. The restaurant surprises with its informal and bustling atmosphere. The best of Andalusian cuisine with the classic winks of this chef.

Allard Club (Ferraz, 2; tel. 915 59 09 39)

Classic luxury in a modernist palace next to the Plaza de España.

Souffle pancake stuffed with bean and cochinita pibil cream from Peyote San © Peyote San

The goat (Francisco de Rojas, 2; tel. 914 45 77 50)

Javier Aranda, formed in the kitchens of El Bohío, he opted to be free and won. Product and creativity served in four environments. Also cocktail bar.
Gaytan (Prince of Vergara, 205; tel. 913 48 50 30)

The new culinary manifestation of Aranda opened its doors in 2016 as a tribute to his grandfather. Here serves a concept kitchen, an evolution of what has been learned in these years.

Two Skies Madrid (Cuesta de Santo Domingo, 5; tel. 915 41 67 00)

To reveal who is behind this project is saying a lot: the Torres brothers. And they couldn't have chosen a better environment, the Gran Meliá Palace of the Dukes, one of the most charming hotels in the capital (and with a garden).

Javier Aranda © The Goat

Tricycle(Santa María, 28; tel. 910 24 47 98)

Still unstoppable (and growing "the family"). Product kitchen, stews with soul and exotic touches. Assured success.
The Canadian (Carranza, 10; tel. 669 46 58 86)

What was missing in Madrid. A Canadian Well, it has arrived. Those responsible are the Galleta Bar team. Their strength is hamburgers in a place with alpine decoration.

© © Tricycle

Florida Retreat (Paseo República de Panamá, 1; tel. 918 25 52 75)

Joaquin Felipe, A classic of the Madrid kitchen, masterfully directs this giant with several spaces to enjoy the gastronomy ... and the night.
Commercial Coffee (Glorieta Bilbao, 7; tel. 910 88 25 25)

The commercial, a mythical intellectual of the beginning of the century, has become renewed while maintaining its essence. Fantastic tapas menu and a own vermouth, of those who fall in love.

Few things make us as happy as the batons of Café Comercial © Facebook / Café Comercial

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