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Editor'S Choice - 2020

99 KO, the sushi bar that Madrid lacked

We have new quality Japanese in the city. Is it called 99K? and it comes with the quality seal of the Bambú group (99 Sushi Bar) and with the wisdom of chef David Arauz.

The 99 KO bar © D.R.

They had been going around the idea for several years and it has been this April, when the time has come for the opening and nobody better to carry out the new project, such as chef David Arauz, with more than eight years of experience leading the group.

And it has been in a very special place, located in the basement of the Villamagna hotel -although it has nothing to do with the hotel- in an area of ​​business, commerce and leisure. It arises from the question: What was Madrid missing? A Japanese-style sushi bar.

But what is 99 KŌ? Is the ultimate suhi bar. The one in which she and the sushiman They are the protagonists, thus giving a special value to those who work behind it and that creates an immersive experience with the client, and most importantly, giving dinner to just 16 people per service. It is something exclusive, with top quality products, coming from all over the world.

Traditional or novel? "Both. On the one hand we are doing something super traditional in Japan, and on the other, it is something very new for the city of Madrid. There is nothing like it, ”says Arauz.

Undoubtedly, to mount something so specific, you need the support of a strong group, and it is none other than the Bamboo group, creator of the 99 Sushi Bar brand, very powerful nationwide and making its place internationally with the opening of its first restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Cocktail bar 99 KO Sushi Bar © 99 KO Sushi Bar

Let's see more. As we said, they only accept 16 people at the bar and another 10 more in a booth with a vertical garden. At the moment, and as they just opened, they are starting with about six or ten people, taking into account that behind the bar they are only David and Hector.

Y What do you eat in 99KŌ? Two tasting menus. One with the name of Omakase and the other Kaiseki, Different in number of passes and prices.

Both start with hot cooking, similar to the one you can find in the 99 Sushi Bar, with elaborate broths, good recipes, etc. To finish this part, they introduce a soup, in the Japanese way. Then comes the sushi festival, where fish, rice, hints of soy and other dressings, are the protagonists. It is as if you ate two menus in one.

The menus are changing, but we can tell you some bites. One of them, a Gunkan of bull, marrow and caviar, or what is the same, a wonder and a delicacy. Other one Otoro nigiri (tuna belly) burned with wood binchotan, a Japanese firewood that is cut from artisanal wood, or the last nigiri on the menu, of which Arauz is especially proud: “We call it edo-mai sushi and is prepared based on lotus root, ume and sisho. Taking this step out of the everyday, for me it is like a revelation and if we remember, the Edo era It was a revelation, very much in line with the sushi we prepared. ” Now they look forward to the arrival of blue fish like the pretty one, to include it in their bites.

Every bite here makes sense. “We want the customer to feel at all times care, we explain everything we serve, what do we mean with each bite, and all of them always have a story behind, ”says David Arauz.

With what attitude is going to 99KŌ? "With the maximum enjoy. The difference with another restaurant is that you are not alone here, it makes you entertained, you see sushiman work, you interact… You have to let go and above all, you have to trust me, ”replies Arauz.

You will not leave this bar without a perfect Japanese experience © 99 KO Sushi Bar

We can not forget the offer of drinks, ranging from wines, to sakes, going through champagnes or craft beers. In front of her, Andrés Palomo, advised by the General Director of the Group and sommelier Mónica Fernández. They have incorporated the option of pairing or being able to have exclusive drinks thanks to the Coravin system. How about taking the meat dish with a glass of Petrus? Awesome and now, possible.


They also have a lounge area to wait while you have a drink and a terrace for smokers in their particular Japanese garden located at the entrance.


If you are a sushi enthusiast and you miss the way to eat it in the bars of Japan, this is the closest thing you will find in the capital. It is pure luxury and exclusivity.

In data


Marquis of Villamagna, 1


914 313 878


Meals from Monday to Friday from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and dinner from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Half price

Omakase menu 110 euros. Menus Kaiseki 165 euros.

Video: David Chang: "Momofuku". Chefs at Google (February 2020).

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