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A healthy route through Barcelona

Dear fan of fast food, you will end up succumbing

This guide is the definitive one for travelers with green tag, for those who want to be, for those who live in Barcelona and are in it and for those who do not know that in a time they will be fully convinced.

This is a guide healthy for every taste, but we already advance that even the devourer of fast food You will feel in the kingdom of heaven.

If there is a city to learn to be healthy, it is Barcelona, ​​so the study says 'Myths and realities about the consumption of organic products' presented last February by Kantar Worldpanel and Fundación Catalunya La Pedrera. Catalonia is leading the Spanish state in organic consumption, 53% on average.

First stop: a breakfast at Flax & Kale Passage. © Flax & Kale Passage

The slow food it is an unstoppable philosophy of life to embrace it without any hesitation and like the one that throws itself into the arms of A good stranger That's why we wake up in Barcelona in the spirit of the one who has much to discover and everything to do.

We uncover its best and healthy places by the hand of the guru Carmen Navarro and its Brecol Guide app, to discover cities in a healthy way.


Time is pressing so we wake up in the new Flax & Kale Passage, located in the Passage de les Manufactures, in Ciutat Vella.

And because? Because he is the first in the chain Teresa Carles (an institution in healthy cooking), gluten freewhere they also do gluten free pizzas, and with a laboratory where they are looking -and surely they will find- your own recipe for kombucha, a fermented Asian drink used as a cleanser, antioxidant and energizer.

Before choosing, we make sure what does a healthy breakfast have to contain. "Bread with seeds and cereals, all the nutrient vitamins that a juice has, coffee that is what everyone needs to wake up or an energy juice, and an avocado toast," explains Sergio, the head of Flax & Kale room.

We choose a coffee with cashew milk -All the product is of proximity, made by themselves and without added sugars- and the juice of Teresa's Juicery Antiox with strawberries, lemon, orange and kiwi. We add a Bac and cheese simit, which in Christian would be a whole wheat bread sandwich with fake cheese and bacon, made with coconut and plants.

More amazing options? The Salmon sushi sandwich, the avocado toast or the Healthy bowls from açaí, a delicious Brazilian fruit.

We follow Sergio's recommendations and we decide for him impossible croissant, made without gluten and without butter. To get the texture of a real croissant it took months ... we are going to be impossible!

Sandra Vivancos, owner of Henna Morena. © Henna Morena.

A plate of lentils for my hair?

With more energy than a NASA rocket we left almost levitating towards Born neighborhood, where Henna Morena hairdresser awaits us, although that name falls short. Best: Mediterranean cosmetics space for hair with organic ingredients.

The place is thought to go on time or at least about three hours To perform one of your treatments with the star product: the henna brunette. It's about a natural dye that comes from India and that, as the name implies, is most used in dark hair, although here they also have henna without pigment to light hair.

The most wonderful of all is that gray hair disappears without chemical dyes, yes nothing is forever, so you have to repeat the treatment at home with your product line if you want to maintain.

The first step for this is for one of your stylists to value the state of your hair and I prepared the proper ointment, because it is not the same to have it dry than fatty ... Ah, friend! Here is the kit of the matter.

“This is like feeding a plate of lentils to your hair,” says Sandra Vivancos, Henna Morena's brain, surfer and defender to the cape and sword of the respect for hair.

Henna treatment © Henna Morena.

So we let that 'mess of pottage' we arrive in the form of henna mixed with aromatic scalp plants.

“People usually ask us henna treatment, cover gray hair, restructure hair, take care of it naturally and give it more strength, ”says Montse Fraile, responsible for the store.

its showroom open from Tuesday to Saturday and also They have an online store for those who prefer to have the treatment at home, since it is cheaper.

In addition, they have shampoos for different hair types: rosemary for oily hairs, lavender to give volume, nettle to stop hair loss, honey for drier hair

Prices depend on treatment and length, but are among the 85 and 135 euros.

Another of its star products, and something you should know, is the Shea, a fruit that comes from Africa and what results perfect to protect the skin from the cold or as a moisturizer, also for the hair.

In Henna Morena the Karité comes from the Ragussi Association, in Burkina Faso, where more than 1,200 women work.


With the hairs in the wind and more volume than the Puma we went to fill our stomach, but how are we in the healthy route no fat or processed foods.

The solution is All you eat is love in Calle Marina, 52. This little one flexitarian restaurant it's the magnificent stop for recharge batteries on a trip, on a work day or on the weekend, because they also have planned Soon serve brunch.

Despite having little open time, the team has an ambitious project and attention to detail.

Their smoothies cold press they are made by them, so that Vitamins and minerals are not oxidized. We recommend that of beet (super vitamin) with apple, carrot and ginger.

We found some surprises like vegetarian burgers made from beets, soybeans and miso, and zucchini with tuna tartare.

“We make seasonal dishes and a service take away for the people who work around and want to take care of themselves, ”explains Aleix, owner of All you eat is love.

You can round the meal with one of their delicious coffeesThey have a very wide variety of vegetable milks.

Signature Spa at the Yurbban Hotel. © Signature Spa


We follow the advice of Sandra Vivancos and we visualize ourselves as plants, plants that must be cared for and pampered daily.

In this route through the healthy worlds of Barcelona could not miss a stop to take care of our body and skin, so punished by the pollution in the cities.

We enter the suburb of the Yurbban Hotel on Trafalgar Street and on its ground floor less one where Signature Organic Spa is located, an organic space where they perform beauty treatments, holistic and multisensory experiences to connect body and mind.

Let's see if we got it…

Thanks to the smells, the music and the dim light will be very easy for us. The center has a Ideal spa for couples and it is not necessary to be a hotel customer to enjoy it.

Their treatments, zero invasive, range from facials, therapeutic massages, detox, exfoliations, rituals and, Attention, there are specific for men and pregnant women!

“Our products are 100% vegan and they are certified as organic, nor are they tested on animals or produced by them, ”says Santiago, head of Signature Organic Spa.

We opt for the 2018 Aesthetic Life Award, 'Mediterranean Energy Lifting'. “This is perfect for dehydrated skins typical of big cities, which we treat with hyaluronic acid; It also provides nutrition with pure oils and is essential to revitalize ”, tells Traveler.es Santiago once the session is over.

Hotel Yurbban Trafalgar terrace. © Hotel Yurbban.

As in any route, there are several paths, you just have to choose what the body asks you and in this case send more than anyone. We offer two very different options before arriving at dinner that does not forgive.

Do we relax with a yoga class or do we bet on a cocktail and afterwork healthy? The first is very attractive if we do it at the Yurbban Hotel in Trafalgar, one of the few ecological hotels in the city, in which they also offer a delicious organic breakfast.

To end the day you can choose one of their Yoga classes or take your own mat -if you are already an expert and do your class on the terrace of the hotel with the best views of the city.

Artte, on Muntaner Street, will be your choice afterwork, although here the cocktail bar is healthy. What does that mean? Your letter is inspired by fruits, botany and the best distillates, by the mixologist Pablo Pelatti.

As a suggestion, the Supergrass that carries apple, artisan hemp syrup, beet and cardamom, in addition to Wheatgrass and Sleedlip Garden 108.

The Green Spot is between the Paseo Colom and the Port Vell. © The Green Spot


We feel that this route is over but it is that everything does not last forever, so let's put a cherry on one of the top Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona: The Green Spot.

Night falls in the Port Vell of Barcelona and the views are sublime, both outside and inside. The Green Spot is a place where you would never get tired of ever being.

The Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld It is the culprit of a unique space, separated by large arches, with wood, terracotta, a vegetable garden in the center and the kitchens in sight. A cocktail to which we add live music.

The letter, oh, the letter! Hard to decide between dad and mom. Its philosophy is vegan and vegetarian so in some dishes you will find products of animal origin, such as dairy. But, as they say, "It's a vegetarian for non-vegetarians. ”, that means that your vegetarian cuisine can make you fall in love (and will do so) with a carnivore of law.

That's how appetizing your pumpkin pizza is. © The Green Spot

We choose the cress, leek and walnut croquettes -divine- and Breaded cauliflower with tamarind and mint sauce.

Although it has cost us a lot to separate the curry spot with black rice, the pink rice risotto or the Vietnamese pho soup, there are two dishes that we cannot leave: pumpkin black pizza -all a classic- and the Sweet potato tagliatelle with macadamia nut sauce and black truffle.

That a healthy route cannot be tasty? Go, that's silly! We accompany everything with a Manzaneque, vegan wine from Albacete, that paired with the sounds of the live harp are simply a virtuous melody to end this route.

Had dinner? © The Green Spot

* This article was initially published on 06.03.2018 and updated with the publication of the video

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