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The best hotel beds in the world

See "11" photos "The best hotel beds in the world"

Samantha Wong (@samishome) photographed at the W Shanghai hotel - The Bund © Victor Cheng (@veeceecheng)

For a long time, a text in English circulates through social networks that nobody knows who has written.

See 11 photos

The best hotel beds in the world

It says something like this: “I love unmade beds. (...) I love the look of people to discover that they are in love. I love how couples look when they wake up together for the first time. I love it when someone closes their eyes and heads to the clouds. I fall in love with people who give off truth. I fall in love with her crises, her run makeup and her fantasies. Honesty is too beautiful to put into words. ”

And yes, we have borrowed it to explain why this article about unmade beds ... and why you are and not others. Very simple: because We wanted them to truly reflect. It was not so much about developing a ranking of epatating canopies, nor about counting cotton threads or comparing measures with football fields. The size here doesn't matter either.

That is why we asked some of the photographers who collaborate with Condé Nast Traveler that they share that feeling - so close to happiness- of an unforgettable bed in any destination.

It is also our way of making a wink to the many times reviled Valentine's Day, to whirl in the perfect company and, of course, to pay tribute to that magical intimacy of the hotel bed.

It is not trivial. They know, for example, on the Starwood chain, where for a year they analyzed beds and more beds until they released their famous Heavenly: Thirty-centimeter mattress, goose down comforter, two firm pillows and Egyptian cotton thread sheets. And they created a logical style.

We could also talk about the 300 threads of the Park Hyatt sheets, of the loving blankets of 100% Portuguese wool in micasaenlisboa ...

We could jump from bed to bed and cross the world like that. Tokyo, Lanzarote, Shanghai, Berlin… each destination this time hides a story that, in reality, is always the same: live that first dawn in an unknown environment, Snuggle up on a mattress that doesn't know which way you sleep and watch the first sunbeams through a new window.

A game that returns us in a way to innocence, which forces us to wake up hurriedly and tell others. Hey, look what bed. Look.

Therefore, from here we put you to that, as of now, Share your unmade beds with us. Very happy dreams. #YoSoyTraveler, @cntravelerspain.

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See 11 photos

The best hotel beds in the world

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