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NAP, the new and authentic Neapolitan pizza from Chamberí

'Street food' and 'street art' in the last pizzeria in Madrid

Neapolitan art and Okuda art. © NAP

Today we know that Neapolitan pizza is special. Not only special, it is intangible heritage of humanity according to UNESCO. It is a delicacy of gods, unique, because Not all pizza is Neapolitan pizza. Y Antonio Belardo, Neapolitan, based in Barcelona, ​​it was clear when he opened his first place in Barcelona for seven years.

“I wanted to offer a different producer, with a quality that for me is the best, that did not look outside of Italy or outside of Naples,” account by phone And he made it very clear which product was that from the name of the place: NAP, an acronym for Neapolitan Authentic Pizza.

Only from a Neapolitan oven leave heritage pizzas. © NAP

“We are not an Italian restaurant, because we have no pasta, we are a pizzeria because we give pizzas and some concrete entree, ”he says. Belardo insisted on bringing to Spain the same product and the same experience that is eaten and lived in Naples. “We are used to eating pizza several days a week. Families go a lot because you don't fight with the budget you have, ”he says.

Therefore, not only was brought the flour and tomatoes that make the recipe of the capital of southern Italy unique. The wood oven, Of course, it was irreplaceable as well: "It is the only one that can be set at a very high temperature so that the pizza is made very quickly in just the right time so that the mozzarella does not melt too much," he explains.

But, in addition, and this is the most important and what differentiates them from other pizzerias: in NAP they also reproduce the original price of this universal heritage and the pizzas range from five euros of marinara or margarita without reaching 10 when they add speck and truffle.

Okuda's art shows its head in the new Chamberí NAP. © NAP

After triumphing with this formula in Barcelona (with two stores), Belardo jumped to Madrid from the hand of a friend of his, Fernando Herreros, with whom they started with a pizzeria in Lavapies and now they have just opened the second one in the traditional neighborhood of Chamberí. If in these years of experience they have been improving and evolving in service and offer, they have also done so in the decoration of their premises.

In both Lavapiés and Chamberí they had the hand and colorism of street artist Okuda. “We liked the idea of ​​joining two concepts: street food, because it is fast, good and cheap; and street art ”, Antonio Belardo says.

Tomato and flour traveling from Italy. © NAP

Both stores were designed by the designer Cecilia Moretti It was based on the minimalist simplicity of good Neapolitan pizza. The Chamberí is a place of straight, simple lines, white walls that leave space and prominence to the Okuda's colorful mural and a three-dimensional mask that seems to monitor the wood oven from which on weekends pizzas can come out at all hours.

Street food + street art. © NAP


Because now that we have finally learned to distinguish and enjoy authentic Neapolitan pizza, you have a new place in a very central neighborhood of Madrid. The best of all? Its price.


If you see the murals of Okuda while you eat, it does not seem quite extra ...

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Calle Cardenal Cisneros, 38


91 066 53 53


From Monday to Friday from 13: 30-16: 30/20: 00-00: 00. Weekend: 1:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Half price

10 €

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