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Polineko, the new cat coffee in Madrid

Loving, playful, cheeky, scouts, affectionate, endearing ... That's how cats are Polineko, the new neko café (or coffee of cats) of Madrid.

Loving, playful, cheeky, scouts, affectionate, endearing ... © Polineko

In Spain they were collected last year 33,335 cats, according to the Study on Abandonment and Adoption that the Affinity Foundation elaborates annually based on data provided by shelters, shelters and protectors throughout the country.
Ten of them have been quite lucky. They can say they have a (temporary) home in Polineko, the new cat coffee in Madrid that, from its location in Alcala de Henares (Path of the Esgaravita, 34), It has been proposed the goal of finding a definitive home to as many as they can.
“The theme of the neko café already started to value it 10 years ago because our father is Chinese and we have always been very interested in Asian culture. We wanted to give it a spin and mix it with animal protection: the kittens instead of being residents here, as it happens in the premises of Japan, that are of transit, until they find a home ”, explains Melisa Cheung, one of the three partners of Polineko.

If there is feeling, any of them may end up in your house © Polineko

Candle, Tayr; Koleos, Kangoo and Kadjar (better known as the Renault brothers because they were born in an engine); Fidelio... I hope you can't meet any of them on your visit. It is not that we wish you any harm, it is that it will mean that someone will have already given you a house. Judging by the data, there is a good chance that this will be the case: 14 adoptions in two months, since September.
“Cats are very special, Each one has a very own personality. They have a reputation that they are not affectionate, that they are treacherous, that they are arisco ...
"They are not like this. Cats are living things that need love, attention and love. Some more, others less, but like people, ”explains Melisa, ATV (Veterinary Technical Assistant) with more than 20 years of experience in the field of ethology.
In addition to breaking myths about the bad character of felines, Polineko also wants raise awareness about the importance of adoption, banish the option of buying our heads and bring the work of shelters closer located on the outskirts of Madrid, in the center of the city.

They are the owners and lords of neko café © Polineko

"We cats don't choose them, the shelters bring us what they think they need to be here ”, clarifies Melisa.
“The only thing we ask is that at the veterinary level they come with all their tests, with their vaccines, those that have been sterilized for more than five months; Y that are cats that will be comfortable here: Sociable with people and cats. And nothing more because handsome are all. ” Reason is not lacking.
Sunrise, in Camarma de Esteruelas; Pedrezuela leaving a mark; Animation Association, in San Blas; Rivanimal... are just some of the associations with which they collaborate.

Welcome to your home © Polineko

They are responsible for managing adoptions, not Polineko. “If someone tells me that they want to adopt a specific cat, I, depending on how I see that the cat interacts with that person, call the shelter and tell him my opinion. But it is the shelter that is left with that person, he does the interview and explains the rules ”.
If you like cats, you'll know: It is they who choose you. This is the case of Disaster, a kitten hit by a car and, after several operations, suffered the amputation of a leg and tail.
“Disaster was a great cat, but I was very afraid. When he arrived here, it was always hidden behind a cushion on a sofa. A family came to meet another cat they had seen on the website. They sat on the couch without knowing that Disaster was there and then she came out, climbed on top of the lady, cuddled up and fell in love. In the end they adopted both. ”

Human, the world is mine © Polineko

Places like Polineko are useful to contribute to the success of an adoption. “The reason for opening this cat coffee is to be adopted by feeling, not because you liked one in a photo. Then it is one of the reasons for the returns ”.
You can go as many times as you want. In this coffee neko You pay for the time you spend there, Not for consumption. “The entrance is four euros for half an hour and the consumption they want is invited; or six euros for an hour. If there are more drinks are paid separately. ”
By his letter they ring freely Dorayakis, those delicious Japanese cakes, and original imported cereals. To water these proposals? Japanese beers, coffees, organic infusions, milkshakes, juices or soft drinks.

These gateways need love and attention © Polineko

What if, stay dumbfounded for hours watching how cats play It is possible, but not only that lives the human being.

That is why, in Polineko they begin to launch activities: Language exchange or guitar concerts of local musicians weekends. "Cats love it because it's all very melodic music, very soft and they stay hypnotized."
So go, Go as many times as you need, until he or she finds you and until you are aware, well aware, of the step you are about to take.

“You have to think about it because You are taking a family member who will be 15 or 20 years with you. You can not consider the lame now and tomorrow I leave. ”
And always, always, remember that you are a guest in their house, so comply with the rules: do not raise your voice, do not run, do not make sudden movements with them, give them love but do not force them and, of course, nothing to bother them when they are eating or sleeping. Imagine they did it to you ...

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