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Do you want to sleep at the LEGO House in Denmark? This raffle makes it possible for one night

The newly released lego museum in Denmark It can become your home for one night. For you alone (and up to three other companions, if you want). You just have to participate in this contest of Airbnb.

Do we have breakfast? © D.R.

Colored bricks everywhere. Up to 25 million pieces. The LEGO House tempts you from a distance, from Billund (Denmark), where it opened in late September.

Now, your desire to visit it can not only come true, but be improved with the possibility of sleeping in their rooms. In exclusive. You alone or with up to three companions. Nobody else.
To get hold of this night at the LEGO House, which also includes flights from your place of origin, you just have to visit the ad published on Airbnb and answer a simple question before November 17 at 07.59 (Spanish time): "If you and your family had an unlimited amount of LEGO pieces, what would you build?"

Sleep (literally) on colored bricks © D.R.

The answers must have between 50 and 550 characters and can be done in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian or Portuguese. Mind you, be careful what you imagine because once in the LEGO House, with that unlimited amount of bricks at your fingertips, You will have to turn your answer into reality.

Relaxation. To bring to fruition such a feat you will have the help of an expert: Jamie Berard, design director of the LEGO group and one of the best construction masters in the world. He will be the one who receives you upon arrival at the LEGO House and with whom you begin this adventure that will take place on November 24.

If you miss something, you can create it yourself © D.R.

Your LEGO experience will begin with lunch. Attentive, because it will not be any one: you must build with colored bricks what you want to eat. Later, those creations will become your food in the kitchen of the LEGO House and two robot waiters will be in charge of serving you on a plate the delicacies that you yourself have devised.
After eating, the house will be at your disposal for you to play (yes, here it is mandatory), explore and discover. The what? Places like him Tree of Creativity, with more than six million pieces; the Gallery of Masterpieces, composed of creations made by lovers of these colorful pieces from around the world; the Zones of Experiences, where you can direct movies, design robotic cars, plan cities ...

Before bed, a little TV © D.R.

Intense, very intense. This will be the experience that will reach its peak at nightfall, when it is time to sleep in a room created on a pool of pieces and located under a waterfall of six meters high built with hundreds of tiny bricks.

The two bedrooms that the house has are perfectly equipped: teddy bears, lamps, an alarm clock, a television, books and even a cat. Of course, how could it be otherwise, Everything is built with LEGO pieces. The best? That if you miss something, you are surrounded by 25 million bricks with which to shape it.

He will watch that nobody bothers you © D.R.

Achuchables details © D.R.

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