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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Do you want to sleep on a piece of Spanish history?

In La Posada del Dragon you can do it. The hotel is on top of one of the best preserved sections of the Christian wall of Madrid. Do you dare to go back to the time of the Catholic Monarchs?

In the depths of the neighborhood of La Latina rest well the Christian wall of Madrid. The Dragon Inn, located in the Cava BajaIt makes it its emblem and provides everything so that from its rooms we can enjoy this and other archaeological treasures.

The history of the hotel goes back to the S.XI. At that time it was the pit surrounding the wall to protect the city from assaults by muslims. But then his journey had just begun.

"At the beginning of the century XVI became an alhondiga, a municipal barn where bread was stored and its distribution and sale was regulated. It was built as Guest house in 1868 by the architect Francisco de Cubas, and is part of a protected historical building. The construction is a run it and inside there is also a marble bathtub, a watering pylon and a wooden staircase. At the end of the 19th century the original building was demolished and rebuilt in 1910; then it began to be known as accommodation for merchants of the Trail and nearby suppliers Barley market. At that time, the travel of travelers was such that the companies of posts and errands established the stops of their carriages in this inn ", summary from The Dragon Inn.

© The Dragon Inn

In the hotel, which owes its name to the mythical stone dragon that was located above the Moorish Gate, you will sleep with one foot in S. XI but with all the comforts of S. XXI. In addition, you can get up and enjoy a traditional breakfast with homemade products in The Antoñita, from where you will see part of the wall thanks to a glass wall.

© The Dragon Inn

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