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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Caramba, the new traditional restaurant of the Regina hotel

The successful restaurant group Larrumba gets castizo with Caramba, the new restaurant of the renovated hotel Regina.

Ode to the usual kitchen © Hotel Regina

The old 20th century cafes they witnessed all kinds of conversations, conspiracies and gatherings. The men of the moment turned them into place of pilgrimage of artists, writers, musicians, intellectuals and anarchists.

But, and the women? ¡Caramba! Men exclaimed when they saw a woman of her time enter cultured and liberal to these coffees circumscribed only to the masculine gender. It was the time of the Generation of 27 and its women, which marked a time of change forgotten and doomed to ostracism. Well, the year in which these women are going to have their deserved space in the streets of Madrid this restaurant is born as A deliberate tribute to Madrid and the woman.

The bar, the space where you never want to leave © Caramba

The Larrumba group, author of restaurants like Perrachica, Habanera and Peyote San, returns unstoppable with the opening of the restaurant Regina hotel. Caramba occupies the entire Regina ground floor and shares space with hotel use. Come on while doing the check-in You can have a cocktail at the bar. Upon entering you find one small terrace that overlooks Alcalá street with tropical air and behind the door, several rooms that communicate at different heights and a large central bar.

Cod fritters with Caramba © Caramba

And in the letter? A recovery and tribute to the most traditional dishes of Madrid. There is no succulent in the entree section squid sandwich They serve in a silver tray in the style of temples like the Brilliant, here solved with bread crispy onion and aioli; a serving of bravas 'very brave' of those who sting and make us devour cane after cane; Potato omelette, ham croquettes, broken eggs, cod fritters and Madrid tripe, of course.

Trivial question, What is the most representative dish of Madrid? Yellow cheese for those who guess. The stew! In Caramba it is served in three turns. To continue main dishes to everyone's taste: Señorito rice, Iberian pizza, round and round bluefin tuna or oxtail to the taste of Tendido 7. Oooooole!

Croquettes © Caramba

Madrid is everyone's land and therefore they have created a letter of cocktail bar by Carlos Moreno, bar manager from the group, where ingredients from around the world merge into the glass. So creations like 'March, March, we want to march' a version of caipirinha with rum or 'Once upon a time there was a circus'It is like drinking the circus in a liquid state with spicy popcorn vodka and cotton clouds, they will surprise you and combine perfectly with the food. While one of our favorites is 'From Madrid to the sky' with gin of violets and ginger, lime juice and egg white. Can there be anything more Madrid than violet candy?

'From Madrid to Heaven' © Caramba


Continuing with him female universe where the restaurant is located, the basement area with old brick vaults, has dressers to touch up makeup and bedside tables to continue talking while others leave the bathroom.


Because it is new, it is located a few meters from the Puerta del Sol and the kitchen is really successful. You can always go to typical tapas bar to have some portionsBut, why not do it where it will be fashionable?


Direction: Alcalá, 19

Phone: 91 088 28 98

Schedule: Open every day from 08:00 to 02:30 hours

Brave braves of Caramba © Caramba

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