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Choco-Story New York, Manhattan's first chocolate museum opens its doors

Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate. Dive until your past and know the uses that were given to you then, travel until the time of your discovery and your subsequent arrival in Europe, to finally land in the present. The museum Choco-Story New York He proposes to know the history of candy among sweets, understand its elaboration process, from the grain to the bar of a bar; Taste premium varieties and learn how to prepare it. Addicted to chocolate, the temptation will be unbearable.

Surrounding yourself with temptation was this © Alamy

The first chocolate museum in Manhattan is the work of the famous chocolate maker Jacques Torres and Eddy Van Beller, founder of four other chocolate museums and their history around the world. Your visit is a discovery, a conscious enjoyment and from different areas of a delicacy that we often take for granted and taste without value. Original machinery, different varieties, utensils as a Spanish cup made of coconut shell and silver or boxes of French Art Deco style chocolates, they make up the exhibition, they explain from the museum.

The visit includes the tasting of nine varieties © Kevin Chiu

Located in the chocolate shop Torres has in Soho (350, Hudson Street), to cross the threshold of your door is to undertake a journey that takes us straight to the Maya and Aztec civilizations, then go beyond years and reach the nineteenth-century Europe from which we jump to the present. Did you know for example that cocoa became a divine drink of the gods and were consumed during human sacrifices? Ojipláticos!

The most appealing? Definitely, The tasting guided by a professional chocolate maker. Nine varieties of dark chocolate, with milk or white, hot chocolate freshly ground by hand and handmade chocolate truffles. The price of admission to the tour is 15 dollars (about 14 euros) for adults and 10 dollars for children between 4 and 12 years (9 euros). Children under 4 do not pay admission. You can buy them through their website.

Immersion in the world of chocolate © Kevin Chiu

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