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And sky was filled with colors! The International Kite Festival begins in Fuerteventura

Diverse colors and shapes, sometimes more fun in more imposing ones, will take the sky from the north of Fuerteventura between November 10 and 13. The reason? The celebration of International Kite Festival that, with almost 30 years behind him, has become a classic for lovers of this activity, who go to the beaches of the Canary Island from different countries in Europe.

And the color took the sky © Alamy Stock Photo

The dunes, the sand and the sun of the beaches of La Concha, El Cotillo and del Burro they will increase their beauty and their spectacularity when from Thursday they begin to furrow their skies hundreds of comets. The twenty-ninth edition of the International Kite Festival will have started and it will become a meeting point for professional and amateur committees from different parts of Europe, they explain in the festival program.

Over four days, attendees will enjoy aerobatic and static flights in charge of professional committees, Kite workshops for children and kite fighting consisting of fights in the air among the participants in which the strongest will eventually prevail.

In previous editions, the festival has left prints how are you:

The Festival will leave prints such as this © Alamy Stock Photo

Professional and amateur comedians will meet in Fuerteventura © Alamy Stock Photo

There will be even fighting between kites © Alamy Stock Photo

Four days of air shows © Alamy Stock Photo

Originality is a must © Alamy Stock Photo

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