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Internet has the perfect soundtrack for your holidays

The soundtrack that accompanies us during a trip It will become a very important part of the experience may we live Thus, you have to choose well the songs that will give rhythm to our getaway. The Internet offers us a few lists so that we can find the most suitable topics for each city and even for each means of transport.

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Music has become an indispensable part of our lives. Phones and music players accompany us full of songs at every step we take, allowing us to abstract from the world and find in the notes and letters of each theme a companion, a motivating element or a shelter. On vacation, the music we take with us is also the protagonist of the trip and just as relevant as the rest of the elements we planned before leaving.

Despite the change of scenery and activity, the issues that will become the soundtrack during our getaway are an important decision that, in fact, can condition the way we enjoy and perceive the trip. Like the suitcase, Internet searches to decide what we are going to visit or even hotel and activity reservations, song lists can be another of the preparations to help us be ready and to extend the travel experience a little more in time. Because, although the most intense part is lived once we leave for our destiny, the previous days, in which you dream of things to see and experiences to live, are also part of the sensations of the getaway. Before, during and after the adventure can be united by music.

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Some companies have realized the importance of musical notes and the choice of themes for all those travelers who They seek to squeeze experiences to the fullest. Therefore, they have decided to create lists for those who do not want to spend some time making their own selection of songs. His creations aspire to fit perfectly with the city that is visited and even with the means of transport in which the displacement occurs. For example, Google and TripAdvisor have signed an agreement to create different playlists that accompany travelers to the most popular destinations.

Designed to emulate the atmosphere of the place visited, can be heard on Google Play. London, New York, Montreal or Paris they are some of the cities that already have their particular selection in order to delight the ears of visitors and help them connect even more with the spirit of the city. Latin-inspired songs for Miami and rap for the San Francisco area are just some of the options to choose from.

Spotify also has been designing lists for some time to fit our travel experiences. In his case, it is not only a matter of choosing a selection that corresponds to a city, although New York, Paris or Chicago have their own compilations, but has also devised compendiums of themes to accompany us according to the means of transport in which We move. Trips by car, bicycle and even transatlantic flights have their own compilation so that travel hours become more enjoyable and even so that we do not think of them as a boring journey to the destination, but as another opportunity to enjoy. If in spite of everything there is to choose from, we don't find a list that fits, nothing happens: just make one that we like. The Internet is full of ideas, and applications like Spotify or Google Play will allow us to save our personal collections.

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If we need inspiration, and beyond these selections made by companies, some publications offer their own lists of songs for -and-over-trips. In the end, What better company for adventure than those topics that talk about the concept of traveling and about the freedom to leave? The mythical Born to be wild Steppenwolf, the 60s and 70s Canadian rock group, leads one of the lists. Considered a hymn of road trips, and especially motorcycle, it is a total invitation to escape through its lyrics. But nevertheless, Each listener could choose their own number one.

However, the best themes that will accompany us on an adventure do not have to talk about it itself. Do not even connect with the spirit of the city. The magic of music makes a song become a symbol even if it has nothing to do with the place we visited. It might just be the theme that sounded through your helmets when you walked the streets of Prague. Or that song that you recognized in the London bar where you were with your friends and that you all started singing.

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Luckily, and after the preparation and having traveled with the music in tow, there is still the last phase of the songs and the journey: the memories. Music has the power to move us back to moments and experiences we have lived. So, even with the getaway concluded, listen again to the list that accompanied us during the adventure or come by chance to the theme that made us vibrate during the visit will allow us to move once again and, although in another way, Travel through memory.

However, and despite the multiple advantages of preparing a list and using the Internet to get the best collection, you have to remember not to miss the sounds of the city you visit. A playlist cannot be a substitute, but a companion, for the music that you can discover in the location where you travel and that It will also become part of your memories.

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