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Casa Brutale or how the home of our dreams will be ready in 2018

'Brutale House' is the name of the project of Open Platform for Architecture that bets to integrate the constructions in the natural landscape. After becoming known in 2015, the idea of Greek architects Laertis-Antonios Ando Vassiliou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos to create a house embedded within a cliff was in the air waiting for whoever wanted (or could) finance it to appear. Now, that moment has arrived and, although it will suffer variations in its location, the feeling of to be suspended in height, to live between rocks and to be touching the limit will continue to be maintained.

For starters, the views you have from the window of Brutal Housee will no longer be those of the Aegean Sea, as originally planned, but of the Lebanese landscapes that are contemplated from the mountain of Faqra, on the outskirts of Beirut, reports The world. The house, which finally will not be framed on a cliff, but inside this mountain will be at a height of 1,600 meters, this is 150 meters below the top.

On the other hand, the house, which is expected to be ready in 2018, has also increased its dimensions: 180 m2 initial has gone to 270 m2, can accommodate up to six people and will have a underground parking for three cars, explain on the website of Takeover. All this with a vertical structure in which the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen are superimposed.

The name a Brutale House it comes from brutalism, that technique that uses the concrete seen in buildings. However, the project has a strong sensitivity for blend in with the environment and not cause breaks in the landscape. For this, the concrete blocks will be visually integrated into the steep mountain.

Project cost is valued at 2.2 million euros and will be borne by its future owner, Alex Demirdjian, General Manager of Demco Properties, a Lebanese real estate agency.

A lounge overlooking the horizon © Open Platform for Architecture

Video: Casa Brutale. Architectural visualization. VR experience (February 2020).

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