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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Steller, the definitive app to tell the story behind each trip

140 characters: that is the standard of communication in the 21st century to tell any story. However, there are those who do not seem enough, and decide to join Steller, a social network that combines videos, photographs and texts as long as the user wants. The most interesting? Many of these users are consummate travelers who make this tool their adventure diary. Among them there are personalities as interesting as Jared Leto.

Just him, always entangled in some kind of climbing activity with dazzling results, shows his climb to the mountains of Yosemite in two volumes (here is the first and here the second). They show the progression of the trip (take off from the plane, hand wounds, sunsets at the summit ...) in images accompanied by texts With your impressions and thoughts.

The book presentation tries to bring the viewer closer to the analogor, in addition to being the very effective method to provide internal coherence to the story. "It was love at first sight," he says. Giuseppe Zizza, an Italian photographer crazy about this tool. "Most of the time, a photo is not enough to tell a story. You have to show more to Describe what happened or what you felt. With Steller you can do it, adding videos and words and adding the potential of three different media in a single story".

However, his book appearance is not the only thing in which the minds behind Steller intend to approach the real world. Thus, one of its pillars is to get people to establish virtual communities around a common theme or hobby and that these finally become communities of people of flesh and blood. The first part seems to be succeeding, because Giussepe himself met the social network thanks to a core of forofos which also publish on Instagram, and as soon as the Alpha version for Android came out, two months ago, it ran to be One of the first testers.

In that "out" process, the Stellermeets, Meetings organized by users - and sometimes promoted by the company - are vital. They usually take place in National parks and points of artistic or architectural relevance in places like New York, Vienna and Chicago, and the company expects that, in the future, they will also be celebrated jam sessions, skateboarding or even pop up restaurant openings.

Precisely from Chicago is John Stoffer, another high-flying photographer who also sums up your city and your trips on Steller (and in this interview). However, a rather curious feature of the network is that it has a high Asian presence, especially from places that do not usually make much noise, such as Indonesia. From there is Ahmad Syukaery, a tireless traveler who He loves to capture landscapes, people and cultures. With those objects of desire, their snapshots have appeared in magazines like Lonely Planet

"I started using Steller this April, when it was launched in the App Store in Indonesia. Some users in the country were putting it through the clouds, So I decided to try it. In nothing, my publications were included in the Editor's Pick", says the photographer. In fact, this characteristic - similar to that of VSCO Cam, another very interesting photo app for those who travel-, which makes the outstanding publications when opening the application always the chosen by a group of experts, is a positive asset for users like Giusseppe.

"It's hard to predict the future of Steller. When Instagram appeared, for example, there was nothing similar in the market, but today there are many different platforms for sharing, and Instagram is still there, as solid as a stone. However, Steller has great potential, and it differs from the rest. I, for example, greatly appreciate the daily work of the editors, who try to choose Interesting stories and highlight them. With this feature and the ones I mentioned before, I think that if the company’s people still believe in your product, could grow very quickly"predicts the artist.

Another feature that makes it special in Ahmad's eyes is the ease of using it and being able to share your work: "The app is very intuitive, and visually it is delightful. Also, share my stories on other social networks It runs smoothly, and that helps me incorporate them into my portfolio, "he says.

Maybe that is one of the functions that led Apple to name her one of the best apps of 2014; since then, Steller has come a long way, and it seems he has much more to go: "There are already several important writers and photographers in Indonesia joining and sharing their stories; although it takes much more effort to build a good story with this tool than uploading a simple photo to Instagram, the results are much more interesting. I hope Steller doesn't lose the thrust, it's a great application to navigate every day on the way to work"concludes Ahmad.

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