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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Madrid songs and bars: a love story

Bars as a place of inspiration, scene of adventures and misadventures, loves and disagreements. Always linked to the life of musicians for better or for worse. Today we will meet those of Madrid that have deserved to appear with all the lyrics in a song. Touch out of "garitos" guiding us by artists. Let's see where we end up.

'MADRID', PEREZA: “Take your time is not yet dark. I wait for you at Casa Paco ”
As said, nothing better to start in the afternoon than go through this veteran place (Closed Door Square, 11) that has been satisfying stomachs since 1933. Although here you eat bluntly, it will be enough with some rods and covers to start with guarantees from the first stage.

'WE ARE TOTAL SINISTER', TOTAL SINISTER: "We go to Kwai and cockle and Palentino and chest."

It was clear that at some point we would have to go through Malasaña to continue with the provisioning. The Kwai closed long ago and the Chamizo that Templeton named in his 'Knows better' dried his taps not long ago, so if we trust the musicians the must stop is the Palentino (Fish Street 8). Maybe the first old bar with a doorman to manage the capacity. These lines are understandable by location and prices.

'LA GICA DE AYER', NACHA POP: "Then to the Penta to listen to songs that get me to love you"

Since we are in the neighborhood we can take a leap to this open icon of the Madrid movement (la Palma street 4), that scene of which we know nothing because nothing has been told, right?

'CORNERS OF MADRID', 84: “On Segovia Street, in Café Libertad, in Plaza del Dosde I used to play you” (…) “On La Palma Street, in the Owl Royal, 84 concerts in the back”

It would be bad if those small rooms were not honored in which the artists fused looking into the eyes of the public. 84 it seems that the entire circuit has been made and selects two authentic legends of the capital on the same topic. Folk and author song They are the predominant genera between these walls.

'BACK', LUIS BREA: “That a colleague clicks on the photo booth”

Younger than the previous ones but already settled as a stopping place for Independent pop-rock live and in the cabin. It also accommodates other cultural events. Bangs, glasses and t-shirts (Plaza Conde Toreno 2).

'LOOK AT A MODERN', PUTILATEX. “I saw you at the Ochoymedio, dancing at the Nasti, rubbing your pussy in the DJ booth”

There is a little trick on this occasion. The mythical Ochoymedio is not a local, but a session, but after 15 years as an indie reference in the capital deserves to be included in this route by songs. After years in Gran Vía, its programming of concerts and sessions is happily consolidated in the But room (Barceló street 11). Nasti is not, Nasti left ...

'LOS RAMONES', THE PISTONS: “Sitting in El Sol, drinking and smoking with hardly any enthusiasm, you came and sat next to me with a beer in your hand”

Of course, if it is for old age there take out chest Sun (Street Gardens 3)with his 35 years emitting energy, as they say. In addition to many concerts, it gives shelter to El Fabuloso rock on Friday and Saturday to the deep house of Thunder, two sessions with faithful dancers and famous participants.

'BY MY GUT', PEREZA: “Tangle a little, control each tile in the bathroom

The Bombonera of San Dimas is also multiplied to cover live performances and DJs at all permitted times, not forgetting presentations and exhibitions. With its two floors, it is surely the one that registers the visit of a more heterogeneous audience weekly.

Listen to the full list here.

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