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The secrets of the museums, discovered in the #MuseumWeek of Twitter

The Museum Week 2016 (Museum Week) on social networks is already underway. Since March 28 and Until 3 April, these cultural institutions will reveal in Twitter, to hashtags blow, curiosities, information unknown to the general public, Future projects or on the move, data on their cultural heritage and their treasures that delight lovers of the pinacotecas.

This global cultural event on Twitter Was born in france and spread throughout the planet. The tweets of this third edition began to launch on 23 of March and since then they carry more than 60,000 Y more than 182,000 retweets. Due to the influx of participants, among which are institutions of the size of the Prado Museum, The British Museum or the Louvre located throughout the globe, these figures are constantly increasing.
After the day of #secretsMW and of #peopleMW, in which the back rooms of the museums were taught and the people who made them possible became known, this Wednesday the hashtag of the initiative focuses on the building architecture, its gardens, the neighborhood in which they are located and even its most emblematic places. Diving through the universe of Twitter, these are the best images that can be found under the official hashtag: #architectureMW

The use of iron in its structure was the great innovation of the building that we occupy since 1895 #architectureMW pic.twitter.com/t5VnDvf61n- MAN Arqueologico Nac (@MANArqueologico) March 30, 2016
#architectureMW Le stalle del Castello Episcopio di #Grottaglie ospitano oggi il Museo della #Ceramica @MuseumWeek pic.twitter.com/WP0RKkNSMW- Sistema Museo (@systemmuseum) March 30, 2016
Delicias Station (1875-2011): architecture, uses and documentary sources #architectureMW //t.co/PhvhUAkpCG pic.twitter.com/7uUtyjNua0- Railway Museum (@M_Ferrocarril) March 30, 2016
Construction of the elevated tank began in 1935 and ended in 1940 #architectureMW pic.twitter.com/UqsG92iCCa- Canal Foundation (@FundacionCanal) March 30, 2016
Our headquarters is a typical 19th century Malaga house #architectureMW #MuseumWeek pic.twitter.com/VWwqHbRASl- Fundación Picasso (@CnatalPicasso) March 30, 2016
The Buren Cube is an icon of #Malaga, architecture and art = experience #architectureMW pic.twitter.com/LtoBtIWgIv- C. Pompidou Málaga (@cpompidoumalaga) March 30, 2016
Do you know that Casa Batlló is located in the Manzana de la Discordia? #architectureMW //t.co/M6rQHWkesf pic.twitter.com/IYO2g3NDy0- Casa Batlló | BCN (@CasaBatlloGaudi) March 30, 2016
Le salon de musique et d'autres espaces of the #BnF Arsenal will be visiting! #architectureMW //t.co/LMCK2rZpE6 pic.twitter.com/hnzMa8LX8C- Bibliothèque BnF (@ActuBnF) March 30, 2016
#LaPedrera is part of @rutamodernisme that allows to know the #modernist heritage of #Barcelona #architectureMW pic.twitter.com/6ZtVLkwJ8b- Fund. Cat-La Pedrera (@catfundacio) March 30, 2016
#architectureMW Lumière sur a lieu emblematique @CHMLewarde: la lampisterie et ses 1000 lampes authentiques #mine pic.twitter.com/hLYIvU1CQz- CHM Lewarde (@CHMLewarde) March 30, 2016
This neo-classical Czapski Palace (1884) designed by Antoni Siedek is our oldest and largest branch #architectureMW pic.twitter.com/s03qF2rzHB- National Museum Krk (@MNKrk) March 30, 2016
The Malachite Room, a masterpiece by the architect A. Briullov! / Малахитовый зал #architectureMW #MuseumWeek pic.twitter.com/YWaSieSQ2l- Эрмитаж / Hermitage (@state_hermitage) March 30, 2016
For #architectureMW, we dip into the archives to see how our theater was built: //t.co/ZDCSHdg85N#MuseumWeek pic.twitter.com/rKay2ehjM2- Shakespeare's Globe (@The_Globe) March 30, 2016
Then and now: the 'Royal Italian Opera' and Floral Hall pictured in 1882, and 2016 #architectureMW pic.twitter.com/JqYPKjTHIY- Royal Opera House (@RoyalOperaHouse) March 30, 2016
#MuseumWeek #architectureMW soffitto sala dello zodiaco. Did you say seven? 😉 pic.twitter.com/axtXFJvlsF- Palazzo Mazzetti (@PalazzoMazzetti) March 30, 2016

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