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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Mia Berg: the photographer of the rebellious and natural intimacy

The artist Mia Berg is forest and it is harvest; It's root, it's branch and it's rock. Your skin, liquid and wet, it claims what we hide under cultural or status symbols, what we are at the end of the day: skin, bones and beats. The girl who grew up watching Andrew Wyeth's landscapes lives in a small town in New York, Red Hook, more than two miles from the nearest train. What do you want to convey with your photographs? "It's about embracing the body and our inherent connection with the earth”, He tells us. Get comfortable, let your legs be lianas, curly roots or bright rocks: Let the journey begin.

Mia Berg explores in her photographs her connection with the earth “the relationship between the human body, the human experience and the natural environment”, Explains the artist. Like the great romantic landscapers of the 19th century, such as those of the Hudson River School, they created their canvases in response to the rapid industrialization of the landscape, Berg's photographs are his personal response "to the increase in urbanization and digitalization of the world".

He acknowledges that he cannot easily turn his back to the lens "it is not a finished work if I am only behind the camera watching and recording, I am also an active part" Almost all of his work is self-portraits in landscapes of the eastern end of Long Island, "where I grew up and I feel a deep connection with the landscape", Explain. Here there is no clothes, lighting, or makeup. For the chameleon Berg "is about embracing the body and our inherent connection with nature."

'I am not yet gone', 2011 © © Mia Berg

Themes about sexuality they are not the main part of my work, but, without a doubt, they should be considered as a natural and important part of the human and animal experience”, He says. Nature gives you a sense of justice and deep calm; the perfect setting for the natural intimacy you share with your partner: "It is a very moment interaction, with the environment and between us." This creative process allows you a conscious and unconscious introspection, "so I can evaluate and internalize what is important to me", Add.

© Mia Berg © © Mia Berg

'A past of a thousand summers', 2011 © © Mia Berg

Berg was born in Sweden, but since he was four years old he has lived in New York and East Hampton, “I'm in love with the eastern geography of Long Island: the natural beauty of the landscape, from the windswept shore of the sea and of its light: shades that have attracted artists like DeKooning, Pollock, Warhol, Kline, among many others, for centuries. ”

Now resides in Red hook, surrounded by artists, “it's like a small marine town more than two kilometers from the nearest train, which gives it a unique atmosphere. ” How do you have fun? “We like to drink and eat in the backyard of Ice house or at my friend Barry's bar, Bait & Tackle; sometimes we party to Pioneer Works, the residence, exhibition space, classes and events of the artist Dustin Yellin ”.

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© Mia Berg © © Mia Berg

'Sunny Coast', 2010 © © Mia Berg

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