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Transmongolian experiences (I): Yekaterinburg, train to Siberia

We arrive at the third busiest airport in Russia with the purpose of starting the train route to Siberia. The excitement of traveling one of the most important historical paths in the world invades me. The idea of ​​this trip has been around in my head for years and, finally, I have found the best time to enjoy this experience, summer 2015. Let the adventure begin!

Before getting on the train, I leave the nervousness of the preparations to visit one of the cities that, due to its location, is one of the most important stops on the route of the train Transiberian. ‏

Yekaterinburg, located in the central part of Eurasia, is the federal capital of the Urals and one of the most populous cities in Russia. Yekaterinburg is also known as Yekaterinburg. Curiosity leads me to find out that his name comes from Empress Yekaterina, the wife of Peter the Great, Tsar of Russia when the city was founded in 1723 by Vasiy Tatíschev.

The city is quite easy to travel (it has one of the shortest meters in the world, nine stations spread across a single line). I get a map and my homemade guides, which have all the information I need to enjoy the history that surrounds the streets of the city and, simply, I live it.


The Church on the Blood or Cathedral of the Spilled Blood

It is one of the essentials for anyone interested in the history of the end of the Romanov dynasty. It was built in 2003, after the canonization of Russia's last czar and his family, about the location where they were killed. ‏

Cathedral of the Spilled Blood © Asier Calderón

Ascension Church

One of the oldest churches in Yekaterinburg, which began to be built in 1792 and was completed in 1818. It is from Baroque style and it is located next to the Church on the Blood.


Opera and ballet are two of the main leisure activities in Russian cities, so lTheaters are the most characteristic buildings in all of them. ‏

QWERTY Monument © Asier Calderón

The circus

Another of the favorite activities of the locals. Its tent is covered by a metallic armament that crowns the river Iset and attracts attention from various points of the city.

Iset River Walk

The lung of the city in which a little corner dedicated to The Beatles and the QWERTY monument, A keyboard made with giant stones.

The Beatle corner of Yekaterinburg © Asier Calderón

Chinese market Tagansky Ryad

In one of the Russian cities with more stores and shopping centers, we found an old market with three buildings Where to buy souvenirs, clothes, jewelry and skin products at good prices.

Its beginnings date back to 1990, when professors, doctors and engineers had to find new means to make a living after the collapse of the USSR. Those who found a way out selling products from China with which they took a large margin, took the name of chelnoki. They have currently been replaced by Asian emigrants selling better quality products. ‏

Visotsky business building

From their last floor, they are achieved Good views of the city.


Monument of the border between Europe and Asia

In this region, full of forests and lakes, is where we find the imaginary line that divides Europe from Asia. Imaginary? I had always thought that Ural mountains they would be the best physical division between the two continents, but when you cross them, you realize that more than hills are hills, much smaller than I had imagined in the school's geography classes.

Ganina Yama

At the time of the gold rush, a businessman bought the land that now bears his name, Ganina, hoping to discover precious metal deposits. All he found was iron, so he left the mine. On the night of July 17, 1918, the bodies of Nicholas II, the last czar of Russia, and his family, They were taken to this place in secret. When the whereabouts of the royal family were known, the church built seven wooden chapels, one for each of its members killed.

Visit the chapels of Ganina Yama on your own, it is an odyssey that is really worth it, since few tourists dare to get there without one of the tourist buses. Buy a train ticket to Shuvakis, direction Nizhni Tagil and once you arrive at the station, walk two kilometers along the road that crosses the forest to this emblematic place.

The wooden chapels of Ganina Yama © Asier Calderón

Shirokorechenskoye Klodbishche

Is a picturesque cemetery full of life-size tombstones with images of mafia members.

Olenyi Ruchii Regional Park

An area in the Ural Mountains of great interest for nature lovers.

Where to eat

As a climax to a busy day, I recommend a good dinner surrounded by local people. In the restaurant Prague, located on the main pedestrian street, offer typically Russian food and atmosphere at quite affordable prices. Of course, you will not understand anything in the letter. A good option is to try the pelmenis, a Russian specialty of ravioli stuffed with onion and minced meat with which you will succeed for sure.

And for dinner, 'pelmenis' © Asier Calderón

Video: RussiaTrans Siberia Express Moscow to Yekaterinburg - Екатеринбург Part 17 (February 2020).

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