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Gluten-free route through Madrid: restaurants for celiacs

It's official: what without gluten It is fashionable. And that to the intolerant (what an ugly word, the truth) is great for us to enjoy more options, more places and more food when we leave home.

Gluten free and delicious © Celicioso

More and more are diagnosed celiacs and restaurants offer more and more options. Many letters have already marked the gluten free options and allergens, while on other occasions you can ask for information or a separate letter, which facilitates the selection of dishes.

To this good news is added another: places with gluten free food Each time they have more style, more taste and more roll ... So taking your friends, family or partner to one of them will also make you look like someone with a lot of class. You do not believe it? We propose a walk through the best that Madrid capital offers you from breakfast to dinner in places that take care of celiac.

Because there are more and more franchises (Vips, Starbucks, Ginos, Telepizza ...) that offer options for celiacs, we have decided not to include them in this list, where we will give priority to less known places. Because you already know them, don't you?

The gluten intolerance of wheat, barley, rye and oats It no longer condemns you to a gastronomic life without the best of it: rich, well-prepared, different dishes ... Yes, we all agree that some places could already improve the Gluten-free bread that they propose ... Quiet, that those are not on this list.


In many bars you can order a tortilla stick as long as you make sure that they make the potato omelette with clean oil and if you ask them that the knife has not cut anything else (or has been washed before), but you will have to ask them very loudly not to put bread on the plate, because the ignorance of celiac disease In many bars it is big. Patience and explanation, there is no other. However, it is not a complicated option on many occasions.

If you prefer to go safely, you can take it easy an Iberian montadito or a tortilla skewer in the Farruca Bar, a life container bar in the Arturo Soria shopping center.

The classic among the classics, known to most celiacs, is Jealous: with several stores in Madrid and outside the capital, to the breakfast time it raises you from a classic toast with oil and tomato or butter and jam to more fashionable options such as healthy bowls, juices of various types or pies, always accompanied by a rich coffee.

His good reputation has reached the ears of other establishments that have wanted to have Celicioso's desserts in his letter. So, we can find some of their desserts in two of the restaurants Alfredo´s Barbecue from Madrid (Count of Aranda and Juan Hurtado), or in Banzai Sushi . In addition, the hotel Only You offers a brunch every Sunday at 12:00, which includes Celicioso products, in addition to several gluten-free alternatives, for example snacks Quinoa

For those who prefer something more typically traditional, a chocolate with churros in Churrero Master, in the Jacinto Benavente Square, is the answer. They use a fryer in which they only prepare these churros and chocolate for all customers is gluten free. This Master, who has been in Madrid since 1902, also knows how to win the celiac heart.

The churros of Maestro Churrero, always gluten free © Maestro Churrero

In the Chueca neighborhood you will find a place that anyone who takes you will love: Lucas's Garden. More than a cafeteria or restaurant without more, it is a concept: orchard, market, canteen, cafeteria, restaurant, events, screening of documentaries ... Everything they offer has the will to bring the Bio or organic production to the general public. Respecting what we eat as we respect our body becomes both its philosophy and that of other places that we will recommend here.

Your letter offers many gluten free options and if you approach at the time of breakfast or snack You can enjoy their cakes, juices and coffees without worrying more. Its time to brunch? Let yourself be carried away by its rich options, nothing expensive besides. If you have friends vegetarians or you yourself are, this is also your paradise.

And since we talk about vegetarianism, let's go to Vegan Rayenwhere more than half of the cakes they offer are gluten free and where you can drop for lunch or dinner, since both the menu of the day and the usual menu have many possibilities to order gluten free.

The celiac group can feel safe if they go to breakfast for a few bars with tomato and oil or butter and jam to the cafeteria bar Celmart, an establishment specifically aimed at gluten intolerant public. They also offer lunch and dinner and in their menu all the dishes have their gluten free version.


There are more and more options for gluten-free bread in supermarkets and many bakeries are struggling to sell it, but celiac sadness when ordering gluten-free bread increases as the dish with that substance taffy, rubbery and graceless approaching. Bread, that sacred food, is one of the things we miss most celiacs, because it is expensive and not always rich, Let's say…

However, little by little, workers specialized in gluten-free bread appear and here we bring you one of our favorites: Leon The Baker. Your Creator, Juan Cardinal, He began making bread in 2012 to de-stress in the middle of the economic crisis. At that time he lived in London dedicated to trades nothing related to the bread oven, but he distributed the bread among his neighbors who, delighted, encouraged him to do more. I believe The Bread Club, where he made artisan bread (although here still with gluten) and baked and distributed it before going to work. Hence the success led him to open a place in the British capital and even a restaurant, winning awards for the quality of his product.

After three years in London, in 2014, Juan returned to Madrid and realized that there was no offer of gluten-free bread for celiacs. Increasingly diagnosed gluten intolerant could not enjoy the daily bread delicacy.

For a whole year, Juan was working on the recipe for the perfect artisan gluten-free bread, and when he found it he set up a bakery in the center of Madrid (Conde Duque Street, 19) and decided not to wait for customers there, but instead looked for places where Hand out and sell that bread. A year and a half later, 150 establishments throughout Spain offer their products. Proud of his team, Juan hopes very soon to cross the borders of our country so that others enjoy his good work ... And his good crumb.

Their products? For us the star is any of its loaves, delicious with just a little oil, although they also sell individual breads (spectacular olives) and sweet as huge cookies, nothing cloying, and blueberry muffins (our favorite), lemon, apple and cinnamon or with chocolate chips.

Head over to your store or your website because the good news is that they also ship at home.

Loaf of sourdough by Leon Bakery © D.R.


Both the sweet tooth and those who prefer to take something salty to the mouth at this time when the stomach demands attention can choose to approach Marquis Confectionery for a cake or a pie. All its products are gluten free and handmade.

Also they have products for intolerant / allergic to milk, eggs and nuts.

They started making desserts for a client with an allergy to nuts in their local Gijón and gradually they were introduced to the world of allergies and since 2011 they turned their Gijón business into 100% gluten free and allergen free. In February 2014 it was when they opened the Madrid confectionery.

One of the keys to its success is that they don't make their products thinking only of the intolerant, but from its oven come delicacies that can compete with any place that makes them with wheat. The presentation, handmade. It can be customized. Ask them!

Sweet, savory and all gluten free © Confitería Marqués

Among its salty products, the Nice dumplings and curried chicken pies are the most demanded. As for the sweet: chocolate palmeritas, marquesitas and gypsy arms They are a sure hit. They serve at home to any location on the peninsula and in Madrid they do chocolate tastings, beer or chocolate courses.

You still have not made your mouth water? So let's go to the Ferraz streetwhere the bakery The Oriental It offers a wide variety of sweets for celiacs.

They have been in the pastry sector for almost 70 years and now they have a place exclusively gluten free where they offer Neapolitans, Sacher cake (among others, but it loses us), artisan breads, empanadas, quiches ...

Gluten free at any time of day © La Oriental

For those who go in a hurry, where he was Maria's Bakery (Zurbano Street, 15) now we have a bio corner, organic takeout, but in glass containers: Bio in the Bowl. There are several gluten-free options (lots of quinoa, juices, snacks for breakfast, snacks ...) and, above all, something we like very much: Respect and simplicity.


Madrid and good tapas they are associated concepts for most of those who visit the city. Why won't it be too for celiac, tourists or not? We are going to propose several places where go for tapas and eat gluten free it's possible. And besides, you will like its decoration, its philosophy ... Do not you believe us? Ahead:

The tape It is the work of the original team of The Tapería, which opened a two-floor store in the San Bernardo street.

You can enjoy tap gluten free beer (and even more than one variety, although the offer is changing) and in bottle they also have several craft beers To try different flavors. We recommend the croquettes, the octopus and ask for bread without stopping, everything delicious!

They have a menu of the day away from the boring menus they offer in many bars, they cook with care and their waiters transmit very good vibes. If you prefer to eat at home, come closer and ask for a TAPE AWAY. Ah, they also have desserts. Like many places in Madrid, however, we recommend Book if you want to go on the weekend.

A classic for celiacs begins to be La Concha. Local in the Cava Baja de la Latina, opened in 1996 and now offers a very extensive menu for celiacs and gluten-free Amber or Mahou beer.

You can take one shrimp or smoked cod cake (if you have the one on the board written down smoked sardinedon't miss it) with a wine or a beer by the bar, surrounded by guiris or locals wanting to have a good time.

From the letter, we especially recommend Lentils with confit duck and foie (mmmm), the Homemade meatballs or their cheeks, both beef and pork. A show of tapas.

We change neighborhood and go near Fuencarral street, to The pack. On the entrance glass a spike drawn already encourages any celiac to enter, and will do well, because The menu has a lot of gluten-free offer. Croquettes. Order the croquettes. Apart from anything else. And varied. And then you tell us.

With a dark place, with very measured lighting in the background, you can have lunch or dinner more formally or tapas, and the good news for the weekends is that they have a brunch. From the pack they recommend us, yes, call to reserve and then notify how many celiacs there are to better prepare the offer.

Another one that is on the way to classic, especially for recommendations among colleagues, is in one of the most beautiful places in Madrid to go to tapas, especially when the good weather starts: Méntrida, in the Forget square. Some bravas and a beer, when they don't feel like it?

He bar The Workshop is a specialist in offering tapas suitable for celiacs as Roman squid, chicken wings, bienmesabe, prawns, broken eggs, salad, white potatoes, etc. In addition to several toasts in artisanal bread that they also use in their snack offer gluten-free. Your celiac letter is completed with Burgers and a selection of homemade desserts like cinnamon and tiramisu pudding.


The complication of eating well outside the home for a celiac is getting smaller. In Madrid you can enjoy first Japanese restaurant suitable for coeliacs according to Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain (FACE), he Okashi Sanda.

They changed a few months ago and offer a letter from the Malasaña neighborhood gluten, dairy and sugar free. How do you read it? And all delicious. Leave room for dessert, yes, because his chef, Tamara Ishihara, it takes a lot of time to improve its offer.

And if before we recommended you to book to go to La Tape, in Okashi Sanda we repeat it: It is so successful that it is better to call ahead. Although Asian food may seem like a safe option for gluten intolerant people, because it prevails in it rice and raw fish, keep in mind that condiments and sauces may contain gluten, such as soybeans, without going any further.

When choosing a restaurant, you have to do it carefully to enjoy during and after. Apart from Okashi Sanda, we can go to Banzai or Miyama, which has two stores, the one in Miyama Castellana and Miyama Flor Baja. Tradition and innovation, sushi and fusion for when you have a craving and feel like giving yourself a treat.

Takoyaki (octopus balls) in Okashi Sanda © Okashi Sanda


Without gluten, certified by the Association of Celiacs of Madrid, is The ranch, where everything revolves around the grill. Quality meats and clear gluten-free offer in your menu.


Many Mexican restaurants have gluten free menu, but one of our favorites, with several locations in Madrid, is The bite. However, as part of the Mexican cuisine is based on corn, it is easy to find options in places of this type.


Have you tried the sands? Several Venezuelan stores (Arepa and Olé, Grama Bar) They offer this dish as the star of their cards and the good news is that the dough is corn, so do not hesitate to ask and make sure you want a quick bite. Some of these places usually warn abroad that they do not cook with wheat.


And if we talk about liking you ... Who has not ever salivated with the idea of ​​a Pizza? Or who doesn't ask the body for a great Pasta dish?

The site you should know yes or yes is Emma and Juliawhere do they have a menu with pizza, pasta and bread for celiacs in a lovely restaurant in Cava Baja.

We take intolerances very seriously and our staff has been expressly trained to serve customers with all kinds of intolerances, ”they explain. We attest that they know what they are talking about. Our recommendation? Let yourself be carried away. It's impossible to choose just one thing, so you'll have to ask to share... or come back.

One of the pioneers among Italian restaurants in offering gluten-free menu is the restaurant Da Nicola, which began proposing dishes suitable for celiacs more than a decade ago. They entered the gluten-free world almost casually, since the chef of the Da Nicola restaurant in Orense street spoke with the president of the Association of Celiacs of Madrid and, little by little, they were investigating and testing recipes and including gluten-free dishes in his letter.

Now they offer an extensive gluten-free product menu at the same price as the products in the normal menu, as well as today's menu. They also make a good part of their desserts.

Thanks to the work of all these years they have won the trust of the celiac collective and in 30% of the tables they serve during the weekend one of them is found, reaching about 10,000 celiacs a year. The most demanded dishes are any of the spaghetti varieties (they also have ravioli, risotto, lasagna, etc.) and pizzas in general.

Pizza, you said? lapizza + sana offers gluten free and lactose free pizzas and even vegan. Its owner, Miguel de Miguel, tells us the good reception they had from the beginning, with a 100% gluten free offer. Their pizzas can be taken at the place, taken home or ordered at home and they chivan that brownie is the star dessert of the house, although you can get carried away by any of them, homemade and also gluten free.

Carlos Pizza It also includes gluten-free pizzas in the menu of all its establishments, which in a short time have been spreading throughout the country. Also many of the establishments inTelepizza They offer 4 of their famous pizzas in modality gluten-free (4 cheeses, carbonara, barbecue and ham and cheese).

Gluten free pizzas © Emma and Julia


Finding suitable burgers can be an arduous task for a celiac. Apart from the chains we talked about at the beginning (Vips, McDonald's or Tommy Mel's) You can go to a local New York Burger, small chain with several stores scattered around Madrid that offer a Gluten-free letter approved by the Gluten Sensitive Celiac Association of Madrid.

If you approach the Callao Celtic, you can also order a hamburger in the Nostra Burger. Near the Latina, on Concepción Jerónima street, you can find the Sublime burgers, with a pint that adjective well deserves.

Your letter explains perfectly what does gluten contain and what doesn't, to choose meat, bread and the additives we want. The Sublime, Pure Gluttony or Apple They have no gluten, for example. From the premises we are notified of a new letter that will be made available to customers shortly, It will make it easier to choose any hamburger with gluten-free bread.

The potatoes for celiac people fry them apart, although your kitchen will soon have another fryer where you can do more things without gluten and better guarantee the absence of this allergen. Of course, as in many other places (except 100% gluten free) always It is advisable to notify the waiter to take care of cross contamination.

Their Celiac desserts at the moment they are only the sweet potato pie, protein ice cream and braised pineapple, but from Sublime let us know that they are working to offer more. These efforts are appreciated, right?

SQDOn Villanueva Street, it has a gluten intolerant menu that includes the two passions mentioned: pasta and a big hamburger, with everything you have to have.

Pizzasana and its section of Burgersana It offers a whole menu of hamburgers and meats suitable for celiacs. Plus at the same price as the "normal", something that does not happen in all restaurants.

Gluten free burgers: of course! © SQD Restaurant


Rice, on Segovia Street, is a place where Enjoy croquettes, squid and delicious gluten-free rice. The owner himself tells us that having a celiac daughter knows that it is important to offer these options.

The interior of the restaurant is nice, but our weakness is your terrace As soon as the weather is good. Be careful when ordering, because the portions are generous, although it is always a good excuse to take something home and enjoy your kitchen the next day.

To enjoy traditional gluten-free food, the restaurant Handrails, Specialized in Leon and Zamora food, we propose near the Retreat a union of the traditional and innovation, with the octopus to the sabanera or the sweet mushroom rice with foie. Members of the Association of Celiacs of Madrid, like to offer options for everyone.

Another classic is the Fuencarral Inn, where there is croquettes (any celiac misses croquettes) and Castilian soup, in addition to great variety in meat and fish dishes. More than 40 dishes totally gluten free to enjoy in this old farmhouse of the nineteenth century with high ceilings of paneled wood and fireplaces. Traditional and cozy.

And if the croquettes have appeared several times on our list, a star dish of Asturian cuisine has not yet done so: the cachopo Well, the place is La Cañada Cider House, a Basque-Asturian place with Galician airs (they say it, not us) in Madrid.

A Cañada was born as a food house back in 1890 in a town of Orense, but they throw reeds like the best of Madrid bars (in fact, they have been recognized with several awards) and offer tradition, good cuisine and good vibes ... Apart from the cider. We insist, however, that you ask for the cachopo. Seriously, cachopo.

The ball: this name probably sounds associated with Cooked, and that is one of the mythical restaurants in Madrid where to try it. People celiac they can go to eat quietly at their premises, right in the center, because 80% of the menu is suitable for celiacs and, of course, the stew too.

La Bola has been cooking this dish in the same way since 1870, on low heat, in individual pots and on charcoal embers. The legend of its flavor is widespread, so book before you go to avoid surprises.

Cooked gluten free © La Bola


In this section we include ... basically what we didn't fit before: different places with gluten free guarantees for all.

In the Manuela Malasaña street can you invite someone to Superchulo, a place that lives up to its name, both on its street floor and on the ground floor (we include the bathrooms in this one, check them out) where the menu invites you to try many dishes. Very clear allergens, you will have no doubt what is gluten free, just what to ask for.

Rebeca Toribio, the owner of the restaurant tells us that in everything possible "Take out" gluten, that is, they prepare it so that we can enjoy it without problems. “We started to create brownies, biscuits, breads, pasta dishes, etc., gluten free and they were delicious! So we decided to make rich and suitable food for everyone. ”

In March they have new gluten-free dishes on the menu thanks to a new chef, Gonzalo D'Ambrosio, but they will continue to maintain their “fun and modern” option of a place where you can have a drink with your friends, eat with your family… Rebeca is very clear: “Eating healthy is not at odds with having fun and enjoying rich and appetizing food”, And we attest to that.

Get lost choosing your dishes, especially with the new menu and accompany them with one of the different drinks they offer, that not everything has to be the square water, soft drinks, wine or beer. “We want to bring society a healthy and positive way of eating from the naturalness and simplicity" And yes, they have succeeded.

Loliam It is a small place in the center of Madrid, by Recoletos, where they not only offer us pizzas and cakes, but their complete blog tells us about food, recipes, what is celiac disease and the latest news about scientific advances in this regard.

You can order take-away food and check its interesting topics on the website. Offer Pizza, pasta, hamburgers, bowls how fashionable they are among the fans of healthy food ... Do you see how we could not include it in any other previous option? It fits in all but, above all, it will fit wonderfully in your stomach.

Pumpkin Bread Bowl © Loliam


Although ice creams, let's say industrial already offer gluten free options or let us know which ones are allergen free, we want you to end your walk in Madrid knowing some of the artisan ice cream parlors they offer gluten free products, even cones.

These establishments guarantee to follow the rules so as not to dislike us: use different tubs and not serve with the same shovel, as the most basic rules to follow.

One of these places, Sani Sapori, in Lavapiés, he knows what he is talking about because his owner is celiac. You have created a line of sorbets, ice cream and cakes for celiacs and also for diabetics and vegans.

For the most addicted and the most addicted to polo, your solution is to go to the Holy Spirit street to Lolo Polo, which makes all its poles (rather, lolos) with ingredients suitable for celiacs and most are also suitable for lactose intolerant. With natural ingredients and a very high percentage of fruit, they can become your favorite treat this spring.

Near Opera, in the Vergara street, is the couple that created Zúccaru, a Sicilian ice cream shop where everything is natural to the point that the flavors of its ice creams change based on the fruit according to the season in which we are. They offer us many gluten-free varieties and cones, in addition to having an offer for lactose intolerant.

The perfect Sicilian ice cream © Zúccaru

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