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Goodbye, Mercado de Fuencarral, goodbye: the nostalgia of the market that disappeared in the center of Madrid

After 16 years presiding over the emblematic Fuencarral street, the mythical Fuencarral Market will close its doors on July 25 (as ElEconomista reports) to make way for the flagship store of a large multinational. Many will be those who put the shout in the sky before the loss of such precious value within the urban culture of the capital, but since we are not very screaming, we prefer to remember with affection everything that this space has left us through the years. And there will be many things that we miss.

Goodbye, Mercado de Fuencarral, goodbye: things we will miss when they close their doors © Fuencarral Market

A day of shopping could transform into a new adventure just by setting foot inside Fuencarral Market. The building, remodeled in 1998, is an oasis of science fiction amid the maelstrom of shopping. Stairs and metallic cladding and a very peculiar arrangement make your list of essentials to buy as a shoe or a backpack, you go crazy looking for a perfect astronaut suit.


Because if something characterizes the Fuencarral Market it is its ability to unite a host of different social groups. You were already gothic, skateboarder, hippie or grunge, Its more than 55 stores could make everyone live in harmony with much more success than the Forum of Cultures.


Yes, in 2014 we all have Twitter, Facebook events and applications that tell us what is happening in Madrid and where we can go. But just as it will never be the same to pilot a fighter than to get on a simulator, the bulletin board of the Fuencarral Market will always be more practical when planning your weekend.


But not only the bulletin board lives the man, and it is that The Fuencarral Market also stood as the perfect place to get a collection of flyers that neither the Panini stickers. If your pocket was shivering at the end of the month, with a twist you could get all the offers in glasses, beers or shows in 3 kilometers around.

'Where are we? In Fuenca '© Kinda Kings

Before the usual conversation:

-Where are you?
-In Fuencarral.
-Okay, I'm going there. At what height?

The Fuencarral Market became a reference for the location within such a busy street. “Above the Market”, “Below the Market”, "But what is above and what is below the Market?", "Let's see, you face the Market and to your right" may be the phrases most sent by WhatsApp by people with low capacity for guidance in Madrid.

According to fashion gurus, the 90 have been returning or present in all trends for a few years. But nowhere will you notice it as strongly as in the Fuencarral Market. All the spirit of the 90s is still present in this space in the heart of Malasaña, in which the Spice Girls could be waiting for you around the corner.

Because in not too many places in Madrid you can buy some canvas shoes with studs on one floor and make a braid of colors in the basement. The eclectic offer of services of the Fuencarral Market, which includes from fashion to hairdressers, art galleries or a bar-Sofa Club, It will undoubtedly be a great loss for our leisure evenings.


As if the Canadian participants in a home renovation program were, we will miss the open concept of space. Walking around the market and going from one store to another almost without realizing it made the purchase something totally different and away from that horrible sensation of the jet of air on the face every time you change stores or that restlessness for not knowing if Your wallet will keep beating when you leave all shops for no apparent reason.

Without a doubt, we will miss that the Fuencarral Market has remained true to its principles since 1998 as the only Market in the area that has not ended up being an exhibitor of gastronomic products directly taken from Pinterest. Fuencarral was and will be in our memory a different market.
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