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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The Once Canalla: live the pirate life in Saint-Malo

Hang in Barcelona, ​​raise your voice in France, toast in Madrid or look to the past from your couch. You decide how you want to live this weekend. A toast!

... with a wooden leg, with an eye patch, with a bad face ... © Corbis

1. In bed: We recommended it Irene Crespo This week from New York. Taschen publishes the book An American Odyssey (An American Odyssey) with the first color images of the landscapes and cities of the United States, Canada or Cuba. Colored images using the technique of the photochrome. Do you want to know what a laundry Monday was like in Little italy in 1900? You can!

Sunset from Battery © Taschen. Text: Irene Crespo

2. At the bar: Cocktail Bar Holidays (C / Espiritu Santo, 15, Madrid). It's a beach bar in the middle of Malasañawhere to take one Pina Colada or a romantic dinner, your delicious canon salad or Breakfast on a Sunday without hurry. The best beach spirit in Madrid!

Relive the best holiday spirit ... in Malasaña © Cocktail Bar Holidays

3. Between frames: Asia Magna: eternal Japan, crossroads at Pazo do Faramello (Rois, A Coruña). Galician landscape and architecture blend with Asian antiquities: Satsuma Japanese pottery, Indian and Nepalese marbles or kakemonos (Japanese deployable) from the 17th to the 19th centuries. You can visit it from this Friday until September 11. The best? Throughout the summer concerts and cultural activities will be scheduled, Follow the hint!

4. In the club: The club (Garibaldi 97, Milan). If you go through the fashion capital, look for the party of this place where you are Erasmus, models and curious make your environment an explosive combination.

Don't stop the party! © The Club

5. On the table: Cracco Restaurant (Victor Hugo, 4. Milan). You can cross Milan players, Japanese tourists and a Carlo Cracco that runs through all the tables and invites you to his kitchen. Its avant-garde menu leaves its mark.

One of the hot spots of Italian avant-garde cuisine © Cracco

6. On the road: Saint Malo. Its port, located in French Brittany, is one of the prettiest I've seen. Get ready to feel the smell of the sea, the force of the wind and an uncontrollable impulse towards its patisseries.

Saint Malo: Pirate life is the best life (bis) without working (bis) without studying (bis) © Corbis

7. In the closet: Miclo. Illustrations in unconventional patterns. Do not miss his latest collection: Stone and Dock.

8. In the cinema: Lightning, by Fran Araujo and Ernesto de Nova. This Saturday is the last opportunity to see the history of Hassan.

TRAILER THE RAY from Ukbar Filmes on Vimeo.

9. On the walkman: 13TH Street will be this weekend in the Cruïlla Barcelona 2014 (turn up the volume and sing.... for what it was and for what could have been for what there is, for what may be missing for whatever comes and for this moment, raise the glass and toast for the endurance!).

10. A neighborhood: Grace (Barcelona). Its squares, its parties and its personality make this neighborhood fertile land for trendsetters, modern and bohemian. We love!

11. A website: Taïga, tote Bags drawn, painted and screen printed by hand. Hearts on t-shirts, patches for jackets and bags, as they say, “made with mallet love”.

Taïga: care to wear © Taïga

Video: Narradores de Javé en, es, fr, pt cc (February 2020).

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