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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Poble gastronomic sec: you have to cross the Parallel

Beware of this neighborhood in Barcelona. Poble Sec may not be as elegant as the streets of the upper area or as hipster as its neighbor, the much-sought-after San Antoni, but he doesn't need it. Lifelong restaurants, new premises for all tastes and a multiculturaloid neighborhood life with rollete make it an increasingly interesting area. Today, more than ever, you have to cross the Parallel.

The neighborhood's options range from places for those looking for a casual vermuteo plan and something to snack on to temples for those who pilgrimage in search of a new culinary experience. We review some of our favorites.


Pakta: A successful newcomer who Julia Pérez Lozano gave a good account here. Nikkei food by Albert Adrià, which since the time of the late Inopia has struggled to give gastronomic glass to the area surrounding the neighborhood. His good work and his eagerness to open successful businesses in these streets is turning the upper part of Poble Sec and Sant Antoni into a triangle for exquisite foodies. (Lleida 5)

The Nikkei-Peruvian fusion of Barcelona © Pakta

Espai Kru: Without leaving the same street (attention also to the tapas of the nearby Cañota and its Mortadelo and Filemón look) and without changing the team behind, this is a different proposal for pro-crudophiles that has turned the top floor of the seafood restaurant classic Rías de Galicia in a new place to be from the city. Raw material of such quality that, really, going through the fire would be a crime. (Lleida 7)


For a happy coincidence, two of the best representatives of Italian cuisine coincide in Poble Sec. Xemei is the very cool and respected emblem of Venetian cuisine in the city, with polenta and fish dishes Away from the idea that we all have in the head of an Italian restaurant. And if it is precisely that idea that we seek, The beautiful Napoli is popular and bullanguero, and yes, they serve great pizzas. (Xemei: Exhibition 85 walk; La bella napoli: Margarit 12)

Stefano and Max, the creators of Xemei. © Xemei


Bread and circuses: We have already chosen your roast beef sandwich as part of our favorites, now the reader only has to decide if he agrees or leans more for one of his creative, American and non-hamburger offers. It's small and a little awkward if a large group visits it, but hey, snacks can be taken anywhere. (Blasco de Garay 59)

Roast Beef of Bread Circuses © D.R.

La Federica: When it comes to honoring the past cabaretero and theaters of varieties of the Parallel, the decoration of the Tickets is very successful, but we are without a doubt the most naive and colorful mural of this place full of good sixties taste. With details that sometimes resemble a cool decoration of a neighborhood movie, its tapas options are very appealing, but what really makes us crazy about this place is the candy. You have to try their cakes and the brunch they serve on weekends. (Salvà 3)

A skewer in La Federica © La Federica


Quimet & Quimet: The fashion of the gin and tonic, the vermouth, the dishes and tapas, the fusion cuisine will pass, we will see maybe the return of the whiskey and the spoon stews and the Quimet & Quimet will remain fireproof at the bottom of the canyon. Winery with antique grocery aesthetics, is an emblematic place and its size implies that sometimes you have to be very persistent to find a place. Their salmon or anchovies montaditos are very popular among tourists looking for a piece of that Barcelona that resists disappearing. (Poet Cabanyes 25)

The cellar: It belongs to that kind of places to take visitors to try classic Catalan cuisine. In their rustic and quiet dining room they serve grilled meats, skeletonized or snails that invite long tabletops. (Blai 47)

Top quality raw material in Espai Kru © Espai Kru


The pedestrian street Blai, with its kebabs, its children playing football and its trajín At any time of the day it is the perfect place to see how the neighborhood breathes. In good weather (or even without it), its terraces are privileged observation points. In that of Koska they serve skewers with Basque pedigree, vermouth and reeds of those that are worth a queue or waiting to get a table. (Blai 8)

Blai Tonight: Another newcomer to the tapas area of ​​Blai Street that is a success. Its tempting ham, tortilla or mini-hamburger skewers at one euro explain the accumulation of public at your door. Young people and rollaco. (Blai 23-25)

Blai's Tasqueta: The formula of skewers at one euro, zuritos and homemade vermouth can not fail, and so this place is usually full to the brim of the public in search of their Quail or butifarra egg skewers with romesco. (Blai 17)

Barraramón: This restaurant that serves Canarian specialties is a great place to eat well at unbeatable prices. At the time of itching, it is not possible to escape from his wrinkled potatoes, his cheeses, his addictive almogrote or even a blunt old clothes for those who want to cover up seriously. (Blai 28)

Blai's Tasqueta: an infallible formula © D.R.

Video: Best Restaurants in San Antoni and Poble Sec Barcelona - Gourmet & Tips - Bodegas Montecillo (February 2020).

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