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The new Tintagel Castle bridge that will allow you to live a medieval experience

Now we can cross to the mythical castle as they did before

The new Tintagel Castle bridge that will allow you to live a medieval experience © David Levene

Located in the southwest of Great Britain, Tintage Castlel It is the monument where magical stories were raised, those that we currently have the opportunity to read in books or imagine them when we travel to places full of legends and momentous events. One of the most spectacular places in the North Cornwall coast surprises us with a new bridge and the reopening of his castle.

After convening a contest in 2015 to find the most appropriate bridge design, half a year later the winners were announced: Ney & Partner engineers and William Matthews Associates Architectural Practice. In October 2018, the castle doors closed to begin construction work, and since last Saturday, August 11, the fruits of the project can be appreciated.

Reconnect the Cornish landscape with the acclaimed Tintagel Castle © Jim Holden

An aspirational plan that was devised with the objective of reconnect the Cornish landscape with the acclaimed Tintagel Castle. One that involved geothermal research to ratify that it is safe for the 250,000 people who visit it endlessly every year but above all, honor the stories that revolve around it.

That's right, like more than five hundred years later - the bridge disappeared between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries - visitors will no longer see an abyss, but may experience a crossing and crossing over a bridge similar to the one that connected the continent with the island.

As the story goes, the King of Great Britain, Uther Pendragon, transformed by the Merlin Magician in the Duke of Cornwall, headed to the castle to be with Ygerna. Nine months later the legendary King Arthur. Who has not ever immersed himself in the stories of these fascinating characters? The knights of the round table, the Merlin Magician, Geneva and his Excálibur sword, are all part of our childhood.

From now on, tickets can be booked online and the number of visitors will be limited © Jim Holden

The new construction not only facilitates the path to the Castle - before it was necessary to climb steep, challenging and somewhat dangerous stairs - but it also brings us closer to a experience around the mythical world of King Arthur and his amazing adventures.

Both the castle and the bridge are open since last Saturday, August 11. Attention, tickets will be available for online booking and thus guarantee entry to the place, since from now on the tickets will be limited and with a specific schedule. This is part of the philosophy to preserve the ecology and archeology of the Castle.

Tickets can be booked here.

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